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Cvrček, František , Novák, František , Beran, Karel , Dostalík, Petr , Urban, Michal , Hatina, Viktor , Šejvl, Michal
Elektronizace výuky práva

Od praxe k teorii a zpět ve vyučování češtině II

Od praxe k teorii a zpět ve vyučování češtině I

Moktadir, Md. Abdul , Mahmud, Yead , Banaitis, Audrius , Sarder, Tusher , Khan, Mahabubur Rahman
Key performance indicators for adopting sustainability practices in footwear supply chains

The footwear industry has contributed notably to different countries’ economic development. Therefore, it needs to focus on operational excellence in order to achieve a sustainable level of development. Achieving sustainability in the footwear industry, however, is a complex task since various&#x...

Ginevičius, Romualdas , Nazarko, Joanicjusz , Gedvilaitė, Dainora , Dacko-Pikiewicz, Zdzisława
Quantifying the economic development dynamics of a country based on the Lorenz curve

The welfare of a country depends on its economic development. In order to have the impact on it, we should have a possibility to quantitatively assess its situation at the desired point in time. Economic development, as a multifaceted and complex phenomenon, is reflected in&#x...