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Barina, David
Comparison of Lossless Image Formats

Matuszewski, Damian J. , Ranefall, Peter
Learning Cell Nuclei Segmentation Using Labels Generated With Classical Image Analysis Methods

Creating manual annotations in a large number of images is a tedious bottleneck that limits deep learning use in many applications. Here, we present a study in which we used the output of a classical image analysis pipelineas labels when training a convolutional n...

Soares, Gonçalo , Pereira, João Madeiras
Lift: An Educational Interactive Stochastic Ray Tracing Framework with AI-Accelerated Denoiser

Real-time physically based rendering has long been looked at as the holy grail in Computer Graphics. With theintroduction of Nvidia RTX-enabled GPUs family, light transport simulations under real-time constraint startedto look like a reality. This paper presents Lift, an educational f...

Xie, Yupeng , Fachada, Sarah , Bonatto, Daniele , Teratani, Mehrdad , Lafruit, Gauthier
View Synthesis: LiDAR Camera versus Depth Estimation

Depth-Image-Based Rendering (DIBR) can synthesize a virtual view image from a set of multiview images andcorresponding depth maps. However, this requires an accurate depth map estimation that incurs a high compu-tational cost over several minutes per frame in DERS (MPEG-I’s Depth Estim...

Lipovits, Ágnes , Czúni, László , Tömördi, Katalin , Vörösházi, Zsolt
Multiple Object Tracking by Bounding Boxes Without Using Texture Information and Optical Flow

Object tracking is a key task in many applications using video analytics. While there is a huge number of algo-rithms to track objects, there is still a need for new methods to solve the correspondence problem under certaincircumstances. In our article, we assume a ...