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Bustacara-Medina, César , Flórez-Valencia, Leonardo , Hurtado, José Hernando
Airways Segmentation using Fast Marching

Direct measurements of airway tree and wall areas are potentially useful as a diagnostic tool and as an aid to understanding pathophysiology underlying of the airway diseases. Direct measurements can be made from images obtained using computer tomography (CT) by applying computer-based ...

Eskandari, Mana , Laurendeau, Denis
Covariance Based Differential Geometry Segmentation Techniques for Surface Representation Using Vector Field Framework

In this paper, the concepts of differential geometry traditionally applied to the segmentation of range maps is revisited in the context of implicit surface representation of unorganized point clouds. The paper shows that it is possible to combine covariance-based differential geometry and&#...

Bogdan, Victor , Bonchis, Cosmin , Orhei, Ciprian
Custom Dilated Edge Detection Filters

Edge detection is a basic and fundamental function in image processing. Inspired by the new dilated convolution techniques which have impressive results in machine learning, we discuss here the idea of dilating the standard filters which are used to compute the gradient of an ...

Garro, Valeria , Sundstedt, Veronica
Pose and Visual Attention: Exploring the Effects of 3D Shape Near-Isometric Deformations on Gaze

Recent research in 3D shape analysis focuses on the study of visual attention on rendered 3D shapes investigating the impact of different factors such as material, illumination, and camera movements. In this paper, we analyze how the pose of a deformable shape affects visual a...

Al-Obaidi, Yasir , Grajek, Tomasz
Estimation of the Optimum Depth Quantization Parameter for a Given Bitrate of Multiview Video Plus Depth in 3D-HEVC Coding

One of the most popular data formats to represent natural immersive visual data is the MVD (Multiview Video plus Depth) format. The representation of a three-dimensional scene requires a huge amount of data in the form of a dense set of views accompanied by high-quality d...