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Poslední příspěvky

Kozák, Ondřej
Interakce vysokonapěťových elektroizolačních systémů s HVDC

This thesis deals with the partial discharges in inhomogeneous dielectric materials in an electric field. It describes basic kinds of partial discharges, fundamentals, formation and their effects on electro insulating materials. Furthermore, the thesis is devoted to measured variables, methods of...

Klimko, Marek
Vliv incidenčního úhlu na proudění v oběžné mříži turbínového stupně

Experimental and numerical evaluation of the incidence effect on turbine stage bucket and effective bucket angle of attack prediction.

Veg, Lukáš
Vlivy konstrukčního provedení na oteplení vysokorychlostního stroje s permanentními magnety

This doctoral thesis is focused on the impact of machine design on warming and features of synchronous machines with permanent magnets. The chapters present the current state of the art of the thermal calculations of electric machines, examples of solutions based on the selected&#x...

Nosková, Marta , Taušl Procházková, Petra
Balance Sheet Rules and Their Ability to Influence Business Performance

In the Czech Republic, balance sheet rules represent well known theory that is recommended to enterprises to follow in order to achieve long-term financial balance and stability. Aim of this paper is to analyze, what impact the compliance with the rules has on businesses in&#x...

Krystek, Jan , Kaňáková, Sandra , Kroupa, Tomáš , Zemčík, Robert , Zikmund, Petr , Rous, Pavel , Steiner, František , Vaňková, Tereza
Influence of position in 3D printing process on mechanical properties of metal prints

This paper researches the influence of the placement during the 3D printing process on the quality of the final product. The tensile tests were carried out on standard dog-bone specimens, which were printed both horizontally or vertically with three orientation angles 0°, 45°, 90°&...