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Poslední příspěvky

Sido, Jakub
Natural Language Generation

Computational systems use natural language for communication with humans moreoften in the last years. This work summarises state-of-the-art approaches in thefield of generative models, especially in the text domain. It offers a complex study ofspecific problems known from this domain and rel...

Pražák, Ondřej
Cross-Lingual Methods for SemanticRepresentations

Matas, Richard , Novák, Martin , Kňourek, Jindřich
Numerical Simulations of Flow in Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are widely used in power generation and industry to separate solid particles from flue gases. They need relatively homogeneous distribution of the flue gas inside otherwise the required efficiency cannot be ensured. The paper shows how to approach some of pos...

null, null , Podroužek, Ladislav , null, null , Šafránková, Dagmar
Člověk a jeho svět: Analýza vývoje učiva o bezobratlých živočiších v primární škole

The paper documents the development and design of selected content of science curriculum. It analyzes the individual school curricula from the beginning of the last century to the current curricular document, which is the Framework Educational Program for Basic Education with an emphasi...

Morávková, Naděžda
Mladší generace Plzeňské historické školy a Václav Mentberger

The Pilsen Historical School is an informal association of regional historians dealing with the history of Pilsen and its surroundings and associated around the Archive of the City of Pilsen and the publication History of Pilsen I - III. She worked mainly in the 20th cent...