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Moskovchenko, Alexey , Vavilov, V. P. , Bernegger, Raphael , Maierhofer, Christiane , Chulkov, Arsenii O.
Detecting Delaminations in Semitransparent Glass Fiber Composite by Using Pulsed Infrared Thermography

Thanks to its good strength/mass ratio, a glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) composite is a common material widely used in aviation, power production, automotive and other industries. In its turn, active infrared (IR) nondestructive testing (NDT) is a common inspection technique for&...

Belloň, Tomáš , Slouka, Zdeněk
Overlimiting behavior of surface-modified heterogeneous anion-exchange membranes

Electrochemical and electrokinetic behavior of ion-exchange systems as a result of electrostatic interactions between the fixed charge and the ionic species present in the electrolyte can significantly vary with the type of electrolyte and the membrane composition. In this paper, we studied&...

Plachá, Marie , Kočí, Petr , Isoz, Martin , Svoboda, Miloš , Price, Emily , Thompsett, David , Kallis, Kyriakos X. , Tsolakis, Athanasios
Pore-scale filtration model for coated catalytic filters in automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment

In this paper we explore the impact of catalyst distribution on the filtration efficiency of automotive exhaust gas filters (GPF and DPF). The structure of filter wall is reconstructed from 3D X-ray tomography (XRT), including spatial distribution of catalytic material. The filtration p...

Havelková, Linda , Krofta, Ladislav , Kochová, Petra , Liška, Václav , Kališ, Vladimír , Feyereisl, Jaroslav
Persistent occiput posterior position and stress distribution in levator ani muscle during vaginal delivery computed by a finite element model

Objective of this study was to develop an MRI-based finite element model and simulate a childbirth considering the fetal head position in a persistent occiput posterior position.

Rybaříková, Zuzana
Aristotelés, Łukasiewicz a prázdné termíny

In recent times there has been a shift in the interpretation of Aristotle’s logic. Many researchers have pointed out that the concept of existential import appears in Aristotle’s logic and philosophy, and that Aristotle worked with the concept of empty terms although his concept&#x...