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El Youbi, Zakariae , Jung, Sung Won , Mukherjee, Saumya , Fanciulli, Mauro , Schusser, Jakub , Heckmann, Olivier , Richter, Christine , Minár, Jan , Hricovini, Karol , Watson, Matthew D. , Cacho, Cephise
Bulk and surface electronic states in the dosed semimetallic HfTe2

The dosing of layered materials with alkali metals has become a commonly used strategy in ARPES experiments. However, precisely what occurs under such conditions, both structurally and electronically, has remained a matter of debate. Here we perform a systematic study of 1T-HfTe2, a...

Vychytil, Jan , Hluchá, Jana , Kovář, Ludĕk , Kostíková, Martina , Moravcová, Pavlína , Bucsuhazy, Katerina
Innovative Active Head Restraint System in a Car: Safety Assessment with Virtual Human Body Model

The aim of this study is to use numerical simulations for safety assessment of an innovative active head restraint system.This system was developed to protect the head and neck of an occupant in a car without a head airbag during a side impact. Its FE model is c...

Minár, Jan , Mankovsky, Sergey , Braun, Juergen , Ebert, Hubert
One-step model of photoemission at finite temperatures: Spin fluctuations of Fe(001)

Various technical developments have extended the potential of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) tremendously over the last 20 years. In particular improved momentum, energy, and spin resolution as well as the use of photon energies from a few eV up to several keV make&#x...

Veselý, Zdeněk , Honner, Milan
Infrared camera comparative measurement methods for thermally optical properties of materials

Infrared camera comparative measurement methods of thermally optical properties of materials are based on the measurement of infrared radiation emitted from the surface of the material that is heated to a higher temperature. These methods compare the response of the analyzed material wi...

Schmailzl, Anton , Käsbauer, Johannes , Martan, Jiří , Honnerová, Petra , Schäfer, Felix , Fichtl, Maximilan , Lehrer, Tobias , Tesař, Jiří , Honner, Milan , Hierl, Stefan
Measurement of core temperature through semi-transparent polyamide 6 using scanner-integrated pyrometer in laser welding

Predicting the core temperature during welding is an ambitious aim in many research works. In this work, a 3D-scanner with integrated pyrometer is characterized and used to measure the temperature during quasi-simultaneous laser transmission welding of polyamide 6. However, due to welding&#x...