Chemické procesy a biomateriály / Chemical processes and biomaterials


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Jandová, Věra , Fajgar, Radek , Kupčík, Jaroslav , Pola, Josef , Soukup, Karel , Mikysek, Petr , Křenek, Tomáš , Kovářík, Tomáš , Stich, Theresia , Docheva, Denitsa
Corrosion behavior of titanium silicide surface with hydrogen peroxide: Formation of sub-μm TiOx- based spheres, nanocomposite TiOx/SiOx phases, and mesoporous TiOx/SiOx network

So far unexplored corrosion of titanium silicide (Ti5Si3) surface with acidified hydrogen peroxide is of interest due to its potential use in improving osseointegration of titanium implants coated by titanium silicides. Detailed examination of corrosion products by FTIR, Raman and XP spectro...

Vála, Lukáš , Vavruňková, Veronika , Jandová, Věra , Křenek, Tomáš
Laser ablation of silicon monoxide and titanium monoxide in liquid: formation of mixed colloidal dispersion with photocatalytic activity

Silica–titania mixed oxides and composites have been extensively studied, whereas to the titanium monoxide (TiO) –silicon monoxide (SiO) counterparts has been devoted very little attention. Laser ablation of SiO and TiO in liquids is in according with literature completely unexplored. Here w...

Remiš, Tomáš , Kadlec, Jaroslav , Kovářík, Tomáš
Rheology Behaviour and Mechanical properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Membranes Modified with Nanodiamonds

Poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) membranes have found wide application in biomedicine and pharmacy for their unique properties such as biocompatibility, elasticity and the ability to absorb large amounts of water. Also carbon nanomaterials have shown great potential in a number of applications...

Křenek, Tomáš , Vála, Lukáš , Kovářík, Tomáš , Medlín, Rostislav , Fajgar, Radek , Pola, Josef , Jandová, Věra , Vavruňková, Veronika , Pola, Michal , Koštejn, Martin
Novel perspectives of laser ablation in liquids: formation of high-pressure orthorhombic FeS phase and absorption of FeS-derived colloids on porous surface for solar-light photocatalytic wastewater cleaning.

A pulsed Nd:YAG laser ablation of FeS in water and ethanol produces FeS-derived colloidal nanoparticles which absorb onto immersed porous ceramic substrates and create solar-light photocatalytic surfaces. The stability, size distribution and zeta potential of the nanoparticles were assessed by Dy...

Gholami, Fatemeh , Tomáš, Martin , Gholami, Zahra , Mirzaei, Somayeh , Vakili, Mohammadtaghi
Surface Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials Using Inverse Gas Chromatography: A Review

It is essential to understand the adsorption of guest molecules on carbon-based materials for both theoretical and practical reasons. It is crucial to analyze the surface properties of carbon-based materials with a wide range of applications (e.g., catalyst supports, hydrogen storage, sensor...