Inženýrství elektrochemických procesů / Engineering of electrochemical processes


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Charvát, Jiří , Mazúr, Petr , Dundálek, Jan , Pocedič, Jaromír , Vrána, Jiří , Mrlík, Jindřich , Kosek, Juraj , Dinter, Saskia
Performance enhancement of vanadium redox flow battery by optimized electrode compression and operational conditions

Two different commercial carbon felt electrodes for vanadium redox flow battery, based on polyacrylonitrile and rayon, are tested and compared in order to evaluate the effect of felt compression on the battery performance in terms of cell polarization and pressure drop through the ...

Plachá, Marie , Kočí, Petr , Isoz, Martin , Svoboda, Miloš , Price, Emily , Thompsett, David , Kallis, Kyriakos X. , Tsolakis, Athanasios
Pore-scale filtration model for coated catalytic filters in automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment

In this paper we explore the impact of catalyst distribution on the filtration efficiency of automotive exhaust gas filters (GPF and DPF). The structure of filter wall is reconstructed from 3D X-ray tomography (XRT), including spatial distribution of catalytic material. The filtration p...

Belloň, Tomáš , Slouka, Zdeněk
Overlimiting behavior of surface-modified heterogeneous anion-exchange membranes

Electrochemical and electrokinetic behavior of ion-exchange systems as a result of electrostatic interactions between the fixed charge and the ionic species present in the electrolyte can significantly vary with the type of electrolyte and the membrane composition. In this paper, we studied&...

Polezhaev, Petr , Belloň, Tomàš , Kurospajeva, Nazerke Chroust , Vobeckà, Lucie , Slouka, Zdeněk
Molecular sieving of tetraalkylammonium cations on cation exchange systems in DC electric field

Ion exchange membranes and ion exchange resin particles are widely used in electro-membrane separation processes such as electrodeionization and electrodialysis. The internal structure of these ion exchange systems implicitly determines their properties, which, in turn, strongly affect the efficiency ...

Konopka, Ladislav , Jantač, Simon , Vrzáček, M. , Svoboda, Miloš , Kosek, Juraj
Triboelectric charging of polyethylene powders: Comparison of same-material and different-material

The understanding of triboelectric charging of industrially important powders can help in avoiding or controlling the particle agglomeration and wall sheeting. We developed a new experimental approach to study both same material particle-particle (P-P) and different-material particle-wall (P-W) charging&#x...