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Recent Submissions

Petrášová, Iveta , Karban, Pavel
Solving evolutionary problems using recurrent neural networks

A technique for flexible control of induction baking of electrically non-conductive layers (paints, varnishes, resins, etc.) is presented, based on the temperature prediction. As the numerical solution of the full model of the process takes a long time, it is necessary to approximate&#x...

Alnahwi, Falih M. , Al-Yasir, Yasir I.A. , Almtrod, Abdalghfor Abdalghfar A , Abdullah, Abdulkareem S. , Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.
A low-cost microwave filter with improved passband and stopband characteristics using stub loaded multiple mode resonator for 5g mid-band applications

This paper presents the design and implementation of a printed circuit microwave band-pass filter for 5G mid-band applications, using a Stub Loaded Multiple Mode Resonator (SL-MMR) technique. The objective of this article is to introduce a low-cost microstrip filter with improved passband&#x...

Bhajana, V.V.S. Kumar , Drábek, Pavel , Jára, Martin , Popuri, Madhuchandra , Iqbal, Atif , Babu, Chitti B.
Investigation of a bidirectional DC/DC converter with zero-voltage switching operation for battery interfaces

This paper proposes a bidirectional DC–DC converter with soft-switching capabilities. The main characteristic of this converter is that it can be operated in both boost and buck modes. The major advantages of this converter are high efficiency and reduced switching loss in high-power&#x...

Oshurbekov, Safarbek , Kazakbaev, Vadim , Prakht, Vladimir , Dmitrievskii, Vladimir , Gevorkov, Levon
Energy Consumption Comparison of a Single Variable-Speed Pump and a System of Two Pumps: Variable-Speed and Fixed-Speed

The energy efficiency of a multi-pump system consisting of two low-power (0.75 kW) pumps operating in parallel mode and a single-pump mechanism (1.5 kW) is compared in this study. For this purpose, mathematical models, experimental data, and data retrieved from the manuals provided ...

Rassölkin, Anton , Orosz, Tamás , Demidova, Galina Lvovna , Kuts, Vladimír , Rjabtšikov, Viktor , Vaimann, Toomas , Kallaste, Ants
Implementation of Digital Twins for electrical energy conversion systems in selected case studies

Reference implementation of Digital Twins for electrical energy conversion systems is an important and open question in the industrial domain. Digital Twins can predict the future performance, behaviour, and maintenance needs of a complex system. Today the concept of Digital Twins is no...