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Recent Submissions

Laksar, Jan
Speciální typy vinutí elektrických strojů točivých

The thesis brings a comprehensive view on the issue of winding interaction with magnetic circuit of permanent magnet synchronous machines. In addition to the mathematical description of the winding magnetomotive force, the thesis is focused on the development of own methods for the ...

Franc, Jiří
Optimalizace tepelně-ventilačních výpočtů vzduchem chlazených turbogenerátorů

Submited theses deals with ventilation - thermal analysis of the air-cooled powergenerator. In several chapters, there is description of the current situation, goals of the dissertation thesis and the aproach. The chapter, which deals with the aproach, describes importance of the heat r...

Mora sierra, Yesid
Hybridní detektory ionizujícího záření

In recent years semiconductor detectors have proven to be excellent tools to measure ionizing radiation. Hybrid pixel detectors, latest development stage of semiconductor detectors, due to their high cost per area and the typically small unit size, are usually not employed for large...

Žahour, Jiří
Elektronické systémy pro redukci škodlivých emisí u spalovacích motorů

This thesis deals with emissions of nitrogen oxides from combustion engines. The main goal is to design a self-sufficient system for NOx reduction. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the basic principles of NOx formation and their influences on environment are described. Next&#...

Křivka, Jindřich
Řídící a monitorovací systémy pro snižování emisí u vznětových motorů

The doctoral thesis deals with an electronic control system development of electrically regenerable diesel particulate filters. The thesis is dedicated to design of optimal methods for an active regeneration control and an autonomous electronic system initialization. The text contains electronic ...