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Recent Submissions

Haller, Rainer , Hornak, Jaroslav , Martínek, Petr , Hlaváček, Jan
Simple calibration method for improving the comparability of PD measurement results at HVDC conditions

Partial discharge (PD) measurement at DC voltage becomes more and more important due to the increased application of HVDC components in electrical power systems. Numerous studies of PD behaviour on various type of insulation at DC have been currently performed to find out appropria...

Haller, Rainer , Hornak, Jaroslav , Trnka, Pavel , Hlaváček, Jan , Gamil, Ahmed
Dielectric behaviour of natural and synthetic esters at inhomogeneous field conditions

Natural and synthetic esters will be more and more applied as an alternative fluid to the commonly used mineral oil. The application in electrical apparatus needs, at least, the same withstand ability against electrical breakdown or partial discharge (PD) activities as given by the...

Vykuka, Roman
Rozvoj a provoz distribučních sítí se zaměřením na zabezpečení a kvalitu dodávek elektrické energie

The thesis deals with the change of the conception of the medium-voltage network in terms of development, topology, and operation scenarios, with a focus on increasing the power supply reliability. The paper summarizes the trends that shape the whole energy sector and introduces th...

Lovecký, Martin , Gincelová, Kristýna , Haroková, P. , Jiřičková, Jana , Smutný, Vladimír , Závorka, Jiří
Performance of ENDF/B-VIII.0 library for VVER reactors criticality safety, fuel depletion and reactor dosimetry applications

The latest ENDF/B nuclear data library released in 2018 is the result of a new international approach to develop evaluated nuclear data for general purpose applications. In order to use the latest ENDF/B-VIII.0 nuclear data library in safety analyses, validation calculations for&#x...

Vajnar, Vladimír
Nestandardní případy vypínání zkratů - interakce elektrických a mechanických dějů

The thesis deals with the topic of nonstandard cases of high voltage circuit breakers' operations, emphasizing short circuits with asymmetrical currents and the danger of delayed current zeros occurrence. The key aspect is the assessment of breaking capability of circuit breakers located...