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Tesařová, Miloslava , Kašpírek, Martin
Evaluation of voltage dip performance of 110 kV networks in the context of voltage quality regulation

In comparison with continuity of supply, voltage dips are regulated only in a few European countries. Before setting limits of voltage dips for regulatory purposes, a detailed analysis of historical records has to be carried out and various aspects of voltage event counting have&#x...

Haller, Rainer , Hornak, Jaroslav , Martínek, Petr , Hlaváček, Jan
Simple calibration method for improving the comparability of PD measurement results at HVDC conditions

Partial discharge (PD) measurement at DC voltage becomes more and more important due to the increased application of HVDC components in electrical power systems. Numerous studies of PD behaviour on various type of insulation at DC have been currently performed to find out appropria...

Haller, Rainer , Hornak, Jaroslav , Trnka, Pavel , Hlaváček, Jan , Gamil, Ahmed
Dielectric behaviour of natural and synthetic esters at inhomogeneous field conditions

Natural and synthetic esters will be more and more applied as an alternative fluid to the commonly used mineral oil. The application in electrical apparatus needs, at least, the same withstand ability against electrical breakdown or partial discharge (PD) activities as given by the...

Bělík, Milan
Emergency island grids with small hydro power stations

Bělík, Milan
Calculation of solid particle trajectory inside electrical separator based on measured values

Noháč, Karel , Raková, Lenka , Mužík, Václav , Máslo, Karel
Open source platforms for dynamic stability assessment

Jiřinec, Jakub , Rot, David , Velev, Raytcho
The energy efficient solution for intelligent lighting

Bělík, Milan , Noháčová, Lucie
Small hydro power plants operating as backup source in local island

Olkhovskiy, Mikhail , Müllerová, Eva , Martínek, Petr
Single-wire electric power transmission system

Hromádka, Aleš , Martínek, Zbyněk
Usability assessment of mathematical models of the bathtub curve

Závorka, Jiří , Lovecký, Martin , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
Feasibility of using erbium as burnable poison in VVER-1000 fuel assembly

This study shows the feasibility of using Erbium as a burnable absorber (BA) in the VVER-1000 reactor. Nowadays, Gd2O3 is commonly used BA in the form of additive compounds in the nuclear fuel for light water reactors. This analysis compares standard gadolinium absorber with a...

Lovecký, Martin , Závorka, Jiří , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
Impact of burnable absobers on nuclear data uncertainty analysis for fuel assembly depletion

Nuclear data uncertainty propagation can be analyzed for various applications. Uncertainty of neutron multiplication factor during fuel depletion is the response quantity of interest for burnable absorber research. Three different fuel assembly (FA) designs were analyzed, FA without burnable absorber&...

Pihera, Josef , Hornak, Jaroslav , Voborník, Aleš , Kupka, Lukáš , Chládek, Svatoslav , Haller, Rainer
Partial discharges pulse shape analysis at AC and DC

Partial discharge (PD) signal analysis is a well-known tool for monitoring the conditions of insulation systems of electrical machines and equipment. Classical analyzes of PD are mostly based on the eval- uation of the phase angle of the test voltage at which partial discharges...

Vilímová, Eva , Mašata, David , Lovecký, Martin , Škoda, Radek
Application of serpent code calculations: tritium production using fast neutrons

This paper focuses on tritium production by fast neutrons (especially neutrons with energy 14.029 MeV). Research on tritium production is important and useful in designing future fusion reactors since tritium serves as the principal fuel in DT fusion. Many neutron reactions of different...

Benešová, Zdeňka , Haller, Rainer , Hamar, Roman , Martínek, Petr , Müllerová, Eva , Summer, R.
Some issues related to impulse testing of gaseous insulation with synthetic air

Impulse testing procedures are commonly used for various investigation of high- voltage insulation. Especially for introduction of new type of electrical insulation, like ecofriendly gases alternative to SF6, the statistical behavior of breakdown voltage should be evaluated. The paper deals with&...

Mašata, David , Vilímová, Eva , Škoda, Radek , Lovecký, Martin
Application of UWB1 code on tritium production calculations

The article focuses on the possibilities of the production of fusion reactors fuel - tritium. Nuclear fusion is one of the most promising ways to tackle rising power consumption. The aim of this research is to propose the most suitable tritium breeder. Numerous calculations we...

Závorka, Jiří , Lovecký, Martin , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
Enhanced nuclear safety of spent fuel

Criticality safety analysis of highly enriched nuclear fuels requires sophisticated calculation techniques like burnup credit in order to show that fuel reactivity is below legislative limits. However, new fuel types are continuously introduced and the increase of the boron concentration in ...

Fořtová, Anna , Závorka, Jiří , Škoda, Radek
Ex-core neutron flux monitoring system in graphite prism for gen. IV reactors

Nowadays Gen. IV reactors are attracting more attention, and so the same attention should be given to the safety and security requirements of these reactors. One of the most critical safety criteria is connected to the control of the chain reaction and thus to the neutron...

Zeman, Michal , Škoda, Radek
Comparison of iba & ifba type of burnable absorbers composed of two elements for evolutionary power reactor

Nowadays the study of absorbing materials and nuclear fuel is a very current topic. The research of burnable absorbers (sometimes called burnable poisons), control rods and soluble absorbers is very important. This paper describes the possibility of using a combination of materials as&#...

Noháč, Karel , Noháčová, Lucie , Mužík, Václav
Actual possibilities of open-source applications for analysis of power systems

The paper recapitulates the current state and the assumed near future view of the possibility using opensource free software for complex simulation analysis of power systems. The declared general properties and capabilities of significant representative current tools for modeling complex power&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45