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Recent Submissions

Bergmann, Benedikt, Ludwig , Azzarello, Philipp , Broulím, Pavel , Burian, Petr , Meduna, Lukáš , Paniccia, Mercedes , Perrina, Chiara , Pospíšil, Stanislav , Tlustos, Lukáš , Wu, X.
Detector response and performance of a 500 μm thick GaAs attached to Timepix3 in relativistic particle beams

The performance and response of a Timepix3 detector with a 500 μm thick GaAs:Cr sensor layer was investigated in different radiation fields. The sensor resistivity was ρ 109 Ω cm. Fitting different modified Hecht functions, which take the small pixel effect into account, the m...

Broulím, Pavel
Studium "Single Event Effects" (SEE) v polovodičových strukturách

The thesis deals with systems dedicated to time measurement with very high resolution. The resolution is in the order of picoseconds. The necessary part of the systems is their synchronization which is described in the thesis. These kinds of systems with such resolution follow ...

Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Zich, Jan
LHC Clock Conditioning Circuit for AFP Trigger Module

The timing and synchronisation of the detectors in particle physics play the key role due to the high event rates at particle accelerators. The trigger module in ATLAS Forward Physics project ...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav
Models for Oxygen Consumption and Cardiac Output as Response to Treadmill Exercise

This paper examines procedure for static and dynamic modeling of oxygen consumption (VO2) and cardiac output (CO) as response to cardiopulmonary exercise on a treadmill ergometer. It should be noted that ...

Štork, Milan , Houzar, Josef
Non Contact Methods of Heart Rate Variability Measuring and Analysis

It is well known that the heart rate variability (HRV) reflects the activity of the autonomic nervous system. HRV is calculated from heart rate (HR). HR is a nonstationary signal; its frequency variation &#...