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Broulím, Jan , Chernysheva, E.V. , Gulyaev, S.N. , Gulyaeva, A.V. , Holík, Michael , Kamas, D. , Kliman, J. , Komarov, A.B. , Krupa, Luboš , Mora Sierra, Yesid , Novoselov, A.S. , Opichal, A. , Pechoušek, Jiří , Podshibyakin, A.V. , Rodin, A.M. , Salamatin, V.S. , Stepantsov, S.V. , Vedeneev, V.Yu. , Yukhimchuk, S.A.
Study of neutron-rich isotopes near N=152 shell closure using Timepix type detectors integrated into the mass separator MASHA

The MASHA facility [1–3] was developed as a high precision mass-spectrometer for heavy and super heavy elements with masses up to 450 a.m.u. It uses ISOL (Isotope Separation On-Line) method. Its unique properties opens great prospective for the investigation of neutron-rich nuclei produ...

Orosz, Tamás , Pánek, David , Karban, Pavel
FEM based preliminary design optimization in case of large power transformers

Pánek, David , Karban, Pavel , Orosz, Tamás , Doležel, Ivo
Comparison of simplified techniques for solving selected coupled electroheat problems

Broulím, Jan , Ayriyan, Alexander , Hovik, Grigorian , Georgiev, Vjačeslav
OpenCL/CUDA algorithms for parallel decoding of any irregular LDPC code using GPU

Antchev, G. , Aspell, P. , Atanassov, I. , Avati, V. , Baechler, J. , Barrera, C.Baldenegro , Berardi, V. , Berretti, M. , Bossini, E. , Bottigli, U. , Bozzo, M. , Burkhardt, H. , Cafagna, F.S. , Catanesi, M.G. , Csanád, M. , Csörgö, T. , Deile, M. , De Leonardis, F. , Doubek, M. , Druzhkin, D. , Eggert, K. , Eremin, V. , Ferro, F. , Fiergolski, A. , Garcia, F. , Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Giani, S. , Grzanka, L. , Hammerbauer, Jiří , Ivanchenko, V. , Kašpar, J. , Kopal, J. , Kundrát, V. , Lami, S. , Latino, G. , Lauhakangas, R. , Lindsey, C. , Lokajíček, M.V. , Losurdo, L. , Lo Vetere, M. , Lucas Rodríguez, F. , Macrí, M. , Malawski, M. , Minafra, N. , Minutoli, S. , Naaranoja, T. , Nemes, F. , Niewiadomski, H. , Novák, T. , Oliveri, E. , Oljemark, F. , Oriunno, M. , Österberg, K. , Palazzi, P. , Passaro, V. , Peroutka, Zdeněk , Procházka, J. , Quinto, M. , Radermacher, E. , Radicioni, E. , Ravotti, F. , Robutti, E. , Royon, C. , Ruggiero, G. , Saarikko, H. , Scribano, A. , Smajek, J. , Snoeys, W. , Sziklai, J. , Taylor, C. , Tcherniaev, E. , Turini, N. , Vacek, V. , Welti, J. , Williams, J. , Ciesielski, R.
Elastic differential cross-section measurement at √s = 13 TeV by TOTEM

The TOTEM collaboration has measured the elastic proton-proton differential cross section dσ/dt at √s = 13 TeV LHC energy using dedicated β ∗ = 90 m beam optics. The Roman Pot detectors were inserted to 10σ distance from the LHC beam, which allowed the measurement of...

Filgas, Robert , Malich, Milan , Kuwahara, Toshinori , Broulím, Jan , Holík, Michael , Sakal, Morokot , Murata, Yu , Tomio, Hannah , Gohl, Stefan , Pineda T., Johan M.
RISEPix - A Timepix-based radiation monitor telescope onboard the RISESAT satellite

Rapid International Scientific Experiment Satellite (RISESAT) is a small Japanese experimental Earth-observing, science and technology demonstration satellite. One of the scientific instruments onboard is a miniature radiation monitor telescope RISEPix with two Timepix detectors, developed and built at the...

Broulím, Jan , Broulím, Pavel , Burian, Petr , Holík, Michael , Mora Sierra, Yesid , Pospíšil, Stanislav , Solar, Michael
j-Pix — a multiplatform acquisition package for Timepix3

We present a newly developed modular and multiplatform acquisition and control package dedicated for high performance Timepix3 pixel detector. The software package was originally developed for operation at ATLAS experiment. Afterwards, it was further extended as an independent package for general...

Veřtát, Ivo , Dudáček, Luděk
Multidimensional Cross Parity Check Codes as a Promising Solution to CubeSat Low Data Rate Downlinks

Simple cross parity check codes have been well known for decades in the areas of magnetic recording and radiation-hardened memory in space applications. However, the computational power requirements of higher dimensional cross codes mean that priority has been given to different forward ...

Štork, Milan , Pinker, Jiří , Weissar, Petr
Adaptive Control System for Autonomous Vehicle Path Following

Autonomy in vehicles is a rapidly expanding technology that is of interest in many major car companies. Autonomous driving enables safer journeys by removing human error in driving, as well as reducing driving time and fuel consumption by optimizing the engine and brake actuation.&...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav , Brož, Pavel
Cardiac Mathematical Models for Exercise Testing on Treadmill Ergometer

Cardiac output (CO) is a key parameter in the assessment of cardiac function, and its measurement is fundamental to the diagnosis, treatment, and prognostic evaluation of all heart diseases. In this paper the linear and nonlinear models for noninvasive estimation of CO are presente...

Štork, Milan , Mayer, Daniel
Modified Tellegen Principle Used for Power and Energy Systems Modeling

The paper deals with a problem of modeling of dynamic systems. The proposed approach to the problem solution is based on modified Tellegen’s theorem well known from electrical engineering. The novelty of this approach is that it is based on the instantaneous power calculation ...

Scharfenberg, Georg , Elis, Luděk , Hofmann, Gerhard
New Design Methodology – Using VHDL-AMS Models to Consider Aging Effects in Automotive Mechatronic Circuits for Safety Relevant Functions

In this paper a design method for mechatronic functions in an early design phase under consideration of the requirements of functional safety is proposed [14]. The goal of the method is to discover threats for the safety goals and to prove or optimize the diagnostic mecha...

Kubík, Zdeněk , Skála, Jiří
Electromagnetic Interference from DC/DC Converter of Photovoltaic System

This paper is focused on electromagnetic interference from DC/DC converter of photovoltaic system for home application. This converter produces disturbances in a wide frequency range. According to international standard CISPR 11, the frequency range for disturbance measurement could be divided&#x...

Jílek, Jiří , Štork, Milan
Assessment of Three Multiple Cuff Blood Pressure Devices

Shortcomings of single cuff blood pressure devices have led to research of devices with more than one cuff for improved accuracy. We assessed two devices that use two cuffs and one device that uses three cuffs. The devices with two cuffs use one occluding arm cuff an...

Holota, Radek , Koucký, Václav , Krist, Petr , Valenta, Pavel , Mašek, Bohuslav
Electronic System for Controlled Modification of Temperature Field in Sheet Metal Blanks

Technology for modifying the local temperature of a material is tested for hot forming. A system for selective controlled cooling was designed for this purpose and a workplace enabling heating, local cooling and material forming was built. This paper describes the principles and po...

Voborník, Aleš , Veřtát, Ivo , Linhart, Richard
Experimental Electric Power System for Small Satellites with Independent Supply Channels

Small satellites such as CubeSats are not adequately protected in the cosmic environment from ionizing radiation due to the low weight limit, which does not allow the use of heavy shielding materials with the high atomic number. Therefore, the power supply system of such small...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav
Patient Model and One New Possibility Evaluation of Anaerobic Test

The Wingate Anaerobic test (WAT) is the most popular test for estimation a person's anaerobic capacity. Because anaerobic performance is important for many athletes, the most well-known application of the Wingate test is in sports medicine. But there is also more. The Wingate t...

Štork, Milan , Mayer, Daniel
RLC Ladder Oscillators Controlled by Energy Approach

The following topics are dealt with: artificial satellites; CMOS integrated circuits; switching convertors; reliability; DC-DC power convertors; failure analysis; oscillators; capacitors; solar power satellites; network topology.

Linhart, Richard , Voborník, Aleš , Veřtát, Ivo
Communication Subsystem for PilsenCUBE Nanosatellite

This paper presents a design concept of new radio communication subsystem, intended for use on the PilsenCUBE nanosatellite. The hardware and software solution is based on previous experiences with the VZLUSAT-1 setup and operation. Our aim is to overcome weak points which were fou...

Linhart, Richard , Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Berretti, Mirko , Bozzo, Marco
Last Upgrades of Roman Pot Electronics

This article presents the recent (2017-2018) electronics modifications for the upgrade o the TOTEM roman pot detectors at the CERN LHC. To improve the timing accuracy and reliability the new Roman Pot detector configuration utilizes both DSDD (Double Side Diamond Detector) an silicon&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 86