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Recent Submissions

Olkhovskiy, Mikhail , Müllerová, Eva , Martínek, Petr
Impulse signals classification using one dimensional convolutional neural network

The main purpose of this work is to propose a modern one-dimensional convolutional neural network (1 D CNN) configurations for distinguishing separate PD impulses from different types of PD sources while the parameters of these sources are changed. Three PD sources were built for&#...

Bělík, Milan , Noháčová, Lucie
Particular silicon type photovoltaic cells prolonged degradation

This paper focuses on analysis of prolonged degradation process of photovoltaic cells of different technologies based on silicon. All silicon type PV cells tend to have some specific degradation through the operational life. The degradation can originate from material issues of the esse...

Zeman, Michal , Fořtová, Anna , Škoda, Radek
TEPLATOR DEMO: Basic design of the primary circuit

The TEPLATOR is an original way of district and industrial heating using nuclear power using spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants. The spent nuclear fuel is the one that did not reach its regulatory and design limits. This fuel can be taken either from spent ...

Fořtová, Anna , Zeman, Michal , Jiřičková, Jana
TEPLATOR: Residual heat dissipation using energy storage

TEPLATOR” stands for an innovative concept for district and process heating using already irradiated nuclear fuel from commercial nuclear powerplants (NPPs). There are several variants for TEPLATOR, one of which being a TEPLATOR DEMO. The TEPLATOR DEMO is operating at atmospheric pressure,&#...

Lovecký, Martin , Závorka, Jiří , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
Neutron absorber for VVER-1000 final disposal cask

The recent increasing demand for better nuclear fuel utilization requires higher enriched uranium fuels which is a challenge for spent fuel handling facilities in all countries with nuclear power plants. The operation with higher enriched fuels leads to reduced reserves to legislative a...