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Bělík, Milan , Noháčová, Lucie
Particular silicon type photovoltaic cells prolonged degradation

This paper focuses on analysis of prolonged degradation process of photovoltaic cells of different technologies based on silicon. All silicon type PV cells tend to have some specific degradation through the operational life. The degradation can originate from material issues of the esse...

Zeman, Michal , Fořtová, Anna , Škoda, Radek
TEPLATOR DEMO: Basic design of the primary circuit

The TEPLATOR is an original way of district and industrial heating using nuclear power using spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants. The spent nuclear fuel is the one that did not reach its regulatory and design limits. This fuel can be taken either from spent ...

Fořtová, Anna , Zeman, Michal , Jiřičková, Jana
TEPLATOR: Residual heat dissipation using energy storage

TEPLATOR” stands for an innovative concept for district and process heating using already irradiated nuclear fuel from commercial nuclear powerplants (NPPs). There are several variants for TEPLATOR, one of which being a TEPLATOR DEMO. The TEPLATOR DEMO is operating at atmospheric pressure,&#...

Lovecký, Martin , Závorka, Jiří , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
Neutron absorber for VVER-1000 final disposal cask

The recent increasing demand for better nuclear fuel utilization requires higher enriched uranium fuels which is a challenge for spent fuel handling facilities in all countries with nuclear power plants. The operation with higher enriched fuels leads to reduced reserves to legislative a...

Klímek Gincelová, Kristýna , Lovecký, Martin , Škoda, Radek
Development of neutron source for nuclear power plant decommissioning

During the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, one of the most important opera-tions is the appropriate classification of radioactive waste. Radioactive waste from the operationcovers a wide range from low-level waste to high-level waste. In addition to the spent nuclearfuel, a signific...

Škoda, Radek , Fořtová, Anna , Mašata, David , Závorka, Jiří , Lovecký, Martin , Škarohlíd, Jan , Kolář, František , Vilímová, Eva , Peltan, Tomáš , Burian, Ondřej , Jiřičková, Jana
TEPLATOR: Nuclear district heating solution

The innovative concept for district and process heat production is presented using already irradiated nuclear fuel from commercial light water power reactors where this fuel is not burnt up to its regulatory and design limits. The TEPLATOR is a critical assembly derived by the ...

Mašata, David , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
TEPLATOR: Basic economic study for the construction and operation

Competitiveness of district and process heat production based on fossil fuels is challenging. Costs of fuel, technology improvement for reaching the emission limits and carbon credits purchasing increase price of produced heat. The TEPLATOR concept is an innovative way to eliminate all ...

Vilímová, Eva , Peltan, Tomáš , Jiřičková, Jana
Possible implementation of ex-core measurement in TEPLATOR graphite reflector

An ex-core neutron flux measurement is a crucial system for all common power reactors. It is necessary to monitor neutron flux and control the chain reaction therefore the ex-core neutron flux measurement is one of the main safety and control systems. The main advantage of...

Škarohlíd, Jan , Burian, Ondřej , Fořtová, Anna , Zeman, Michal , Škoda, Radek
Thermal energy storage TEPLATOR: Technology, utilisation and economics

Generally, energy storage is a very current topic as renewable sources of energy produce cheaper but unpredictable energy. Energy storages became more common not even for electric but also for heat production. Because of stronger and smarter control systems and consumption predictions e...

Peltan, Tomáš , Vilímová, Eva , Škoda, Radek
Natural uranium as alternative fuel for TEPLATOR

The TEPLATOR is an innovative solution for district heating using nuclear energy. It is a special thermal reactor with specific arrangement of the reactor core with 55 fuel assemblies which is moderated and cooled by heavy water and operated at atmospheric pressure with low ou...

Závorka, Jiří , Lovecký, Martin , Škoda, Radek
Basic design of the TEPLATOR core - construction

The study shows the base optimization of the TEPLATOR core. One of the most difficult challenges for this concept is dealing with irradiated fuel assemblies. Because spent nuclear fuel has insufficient reactivity, the main aim of this study is to investigate various effects on ...

Mužík, Václav , Vostracký, Zdeněk
Communication and intelligent control in a power grid using open source IoT technology

Industrial Internet of Things is one of the opportunities for online state monitoring, effective control and economical profitability of selected systems. The majority of electricity generated in the Czech Republic comes from conventional fossil power plants - 54% in 2018. Same fact app...

Jiřinec, Jakub , Rot, David
The control system for heating of small buildings with heat recovery unit and heat pump

The aim of this article is to introduce the control system for heating of small buildings equipped with heat recovery unit and heat pump. The created control system ensures measurement of room temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration. Due to the communication with heat recovery&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13