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Recent Submissions

Zich, Jan , Jandík, Jan
Active battery management system for home battery energy storage

The home battery energy storage systems (ESSs) are expanding worldwide together with the renewable energy sources (especially solar power plants). As the energy sourced by the different power sources (sun, wind, electrical grid) has to be stored inside the ESS the electrochemical cells&...

Valenta, Pavel , Žahour, Jiří , Křivka, Jindřich , Kosturik, Kamil , Skála, Jiří , Georgiev, Vjačeslav
Energy harvesting and communication systems for power lines inspection robot

For an autonomic power lines inspection robot the energy harvesting system and communication systems are being developed. In this paper the energy harvesting based on toroidal split core current transformer is described. The maximal output power is depend on the current in power li...

Holík, Michael , Ahmadov, G. , Berikov, D. , Kopatch, Yu. , Ahmadov, F. , Akbarov, R. , Mora, Y. , Nuruyev, S. , Přidal, Petr , Sadigov, A. , Abbaszada, N. , Zich, Jan
A program for data analysis of rare fission mode processes from neutron-induced and spontaneous fissions

Rare fission mode processes (ternary or quaternary fission) of low-energy and spontaneous fission of heavy nuclei, in which light charged particles are emitted, are the subject of intense experimental and theoretical studies, since these studies can be attributed to one of the main ...

Štork, Milan , Novák, Jaroslav
Characteristic of some physiological parameters based on bicycle and treadmill exercise testing

In this paper examines procedure for modelling of cardiac output and oxygen consumption as response to cardiopulmonary exercise on a treadmill or bicycle ergometer. The results are presented on 2 athletes - football player and country ski runner which undergone a several stress tes...

Štork, Milan
Simple amplitude control and frequency correction of recursive sine wave digital oscillators

This work describes one of the possibilities of amplitude control in recursive sinusoidal digital oscillators with integer arithmetic. As in the case of analog oscillators, it is also necessary to control the amplitude of digital oscillators with a sine wave. If the amplitude is&#x...