Katedra výkonové elektroniky a strojů / Department of Power Electronics and Machines


Recent Submissions

Krýsl, Pavel
Konstrukce napěťového střídače pro přední pohon elektrické formule

This article focuses on design and construction of voltage inverter for front traction of electric formula car, built at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Front traction system consists of these two inverters for both electric motors wheels, (one per motor). These parts...

Saberi, Alireza Nemat , Sandirasegaram, Sarvavignoban , Belahcen, Anouar , Vaimann, Toomas , Šobra, Jan
Multi-sensor fault diagnosis of induction motors using random forests and support vector machine

This paper presents a fault diagnosis scheme for induction machines (IMs) using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Random Forests (RFs). First, a number of timedomain and frequency-domain features are extracted from vibration and current signals in different operating conditions of IM. Then,&#...

Frank, Zdeněk , Štěpánek, Jan , Hruška, Karel
Educational test rig for non-standard electric machines

This paper describes the construction of a test bench usable for testing of non-standard electric machines, i. e. electric machines with non-standard mounting interface, rated speed etc. The test rig is adopted to use a standard induction machine as a load for tested machines ...

Šobra, Jan , Hruška, Karel , Laksar, Jan
Analysis of traction permanent magnet motor with static and dynamic eccentricities

In the paper, electromagnetic and vibration analyses of traction electric machine exhibiting static and dynamic eccentricities is performed. The machine is a highspeed permanent magnet synchronous motor with surfacemounted permanent magnets and double-layer concentrated winding. The machine is intended...

Pechánek, Roman , Veg, Lukáš , Sobotka, Lukáš , Franc, J.
Advantage of redesign of cooling system 40MW synchronous machine

The main goal of this work is in the qualification of temperature changes due to design modifications of the medium-sized turbo generator with the output power 40 MW, ie the temperature distribution of the active parts. The work summarizes of designing a number of changes ...