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Recent Submissions

Votrubec, Vlastimil , Žák, Josef
Mechanics of air-inflated 3D distance fabric

3D distance fabrics are modern and promising material for lightweight inflatable structures. The applications are used in sport, boats, tents, construction, military etc. Its advantages are large load capacity per unit weight, stiffness dependent on pressurized air, fail-safe structure. However, ...

Trnka, Jan , Nezbedová, Eva , Kober, Jan , Buchar, Jaroslav
Behavior of high-density polyethylene at high strain rates

The Hopkinson split pressure bar (HSPB) was used for the testing of three polymers at strain rates between 102 to 103 s-1. Higher strain rates were achieved using the direct Hopkinson test. Experimental data were evaluated in time as well as in the frequency domain. A...

Šidlof, Pavel , Pustka, Martin , Braier, Zdeněk
Cutting brittle rods using elastic wave propagation

For the sake of intended industrial applications, the stress wave propagation in thin rods of brittle material is measured and explored. Based on the known theory of a non-dispersive wave propagation in rods, a numerically efficient method for the calculation of wave propagation an...

Panja, Sourav Kumar , Mandal, Subhas Chandra
Interaction of a finite crack with shear waves in an infinite magnetoelastic medium

The aim of this paper is to investigate the interaction of a finite crack with shear waves in an infinite magnetoelastic medium. Fourier integral transformation is applied to convert the boundary value problem for a homogeneous, isotropic elastic material to the Fredholm integral e...

Matušů, Martin , Blaha, David , David, Petr , Padovec, Zdeněk , Růžička, Pavel , Řezníček, Jan , Růžička, Milan
The effects of the printing direction and UV artificial degradation on the mechanical properties using AM PolyJet technology

This study addresses differences in the material properties due to the influence of the printing direction, UV degradation and the use of differently coloured materials. The specimens were manufactured employing PolyJet technology from the Vero material (VeroBlue, VeroYellow, VeroMagenta). Subsequentl...