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Recent Submissions

Pajdarová, Andrea Dagmar , Kozák, Tomáš , Čapek, Jiří , Tölg, Tomáš
On density distribution of Ti atom and ion ground states near the target in HiPIMS discharge using cavity ring-down spectroscopy and laser induced fluorescence

Cavity ring-down spectroscopy combined with laser induced fluorescence was applied during a high-power impulse magnetron sputtering of Ti target to determine the time evolutions and spatial distributions of Ti atom and ion densities of levels belonging to the ground state multiplets (GSM)&#x...

Janečka, Karel
Identifikační číslo stavby v kontextu digitalizace stavebního řízení

In connection with the digitization of the building permit procedure, an amendment to the Building Act 47/2020 has introduced an information system for building identification numbers. As a unique identifier, these numbers will make it possible to identify unequivocally a building or&#x...

De, Sangita , Mottok, Juergen , Brada, Přemysl , Niklas, Michael
Empirical Evaluation of Semantic Alignment Quality Metrics for Vehicle Domain Component Frameworks Interface Ontologies

Semantic alignment of application software components’ ontologies represents a great interest in vehicle application domains that manipulate heterogeneous overlapping knowledge application frameworks. The most daunting impediment to their cross-enterprise collaboration is semantic interoperability. Aligning the interface...

Bizzarri, Michal , Lávička, Miroslav , Vršek, Jan
Approximate symmetries of perturbed planar discrete curves

We present a new algorithm to decide whether a discrete curve is symmetric or not. In the affirmative case we assign to each curve a particular symmetry group, and describe all rotational and reflectional symmetries (if they exist). The fundamental strategy of our approach is&...

Agudelo Rico, Oscar Iván , Drábek, Pavel

We study existence of solutions for a boundary degenerate (or singular) quasilinear equation in a smooth bounded domain under Dirichlet boundary conditions. We consider a weighted p−Laplacian operator with a coefficient that is locally bounded inside the domain and satisfying certain additio...