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Recent Submissions

Sido, Jakub
Natural Language Generation

Computational systems use natural language for communication with humans moreoften in the last years. This work summarises state-of-the-art approaches in thefield of generative models, especially in the text domain. It offers a complex study ofspecific problems known from this domain and rel...

Pražák, Ondřej
Cross-Lingual Methods for SemanticRepresentations

Krystek, Jan , Zajíček, Martin , Kottner, Radek
Identification of mechanical properties of KORDCARBON-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1-42-A composite

This work is focused on the identification of mechanical properties of a composite from tension, compression and bending tests according to ASTM standards. Selected stiffness and strength parameters were identified. The composite, which was made from KORDCARBON-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1-42-A prepreg, consists...

Kottner, Radek , Kaňáková, Sandra , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Yeung, Ronaldo , Pukaro, André
Improvement of impact protection by KORDCARBON-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1- 4-A composite

This work focuses on the improvement of the impact protection of a motorcyclist protective equipment under the influence of higher temperature. A created composite shell was added to a foam shoulder protector SAS-TEC SCL-2. A drop test was carried out for protector itself and ...

Lipka, Richard , Potužák, Tomáš
Search for the Memory Duplicities in the Java Applications Using Shallow and Deep Object Comparison

In this paper, we are presenting a method and a tool that allows detecting duplicity in the heap dump of a Java application, based on the shallow and deep object comparison. The tool allows to identify the problematic instances in the memory and thus helps programmers...