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Recent Submissions

Krystek, Jan , Zajíček, Martin , Kottner, Radek
Identification of mechanical properties of KORDCARBON-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1-42-A composite

This work is focused on the identification of mechanical properties of a composite from tension, compression and bending tests according to ASTM standards. Selected stiffness and strength parameters were identified. The composite, which was made from KORDCARBON-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1-42-A prepreg, consists...

Kottner, Radek , Kaňáková, Sandra , Bońkowski, Tomasz , Yeung, Ronaldo , Pukaro, André
Improvement of impact protection by KORDCARBON-CPREG-200-T-3K-EP1- 4-A composite

This work focuses on the improvement of the impact protection of a motorcyclist protective equipment under the influence of higher temperature. A created composite shell was added to a foam shoulder protector SAS-TEC SCL-2. A drop test was carried out for protector itself and ...

Lipka, Richard , Potužák, Tomáš
Search for the Memory Duplicities in the Java Applications Using Shallow and Deep Object Comparison

In this paper, we are presenting a method and a tool that allows detecting duplicity in the heap dump of a Java application, based on the shallow and deep object comparison. The tool allows to identify the problematic instances in the memory and thus helps programmers...

Koutný, Tomáš , Úbl, Martin
SmartCGMS as a Testbed for a Blood-Glucose Level Prediction and/or Control Challenge with (an FDA-Accepted) Diabetic Patient Simulation

Diabetic patient desires to avoid hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes, which result from insufficient insulin production. As the diabetes disease progresses, it requires an advance control of external insulin administration with an insulin pump. Given the importance of blood-glucose level prediction ...

Siegmund, Stefan , Stehlík, Petr
Time scale-induced asynchronous discrete dynamical systems

We study two coupled discrete-time equations with different (asynchronous) periodic time scales. The coupling is of the type sample and hold, i.e., the state of each equation is sampled at its update times and held until it is read as an input at the next update time...