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Bastl, Bohumír , Brandner, Marek , Egermaier, Jiří , Horníková, Hana , Slabá, Kristýna , Šourek, Jan , Turnerová, Eva
Comparison of Coupled and Decoupled Solvers for Incompressible Navier–Stokes Equations Solved by Isogeometric Analysis

This paper is devoted to the problem of solving the steady incompressible Navier–Stokes equations discretized by the Galerkin method on the spaces generated by the B-spline/NURBS basis functions, which is called isogeometric analysis. Two pressure-correction methods are presented for the sol...

Nedela, Roman , Ponomarenko, Ilia
Recognizing and Testing Isomorphism of Cayley Graphs over an Abelian Group of Order 4p in Polynomial Time

We construct a polynomial-time algorithm that, for a graph X with 4p We construct a polynomial-time algorithm that for a graph X with 4p vertices (p is prime), finds (if any) a Cayley representation of X over the group C2 × C2 × Cp. This result, together with&#x...

Duník, Jindřich , Kost, Oliver , Straka, Ondřej , Blasch, Erik Philip
Navigation and Estimation Improvement by Environmental-Driven Noise Mode Detection

This paper deals with the state estimation of nonlinear stochastic dynamic systems, where the measurement noise is modelled by the multimodal Gaussian sum probability density function. The multimodal density is able to sufficiently capture various environmental features and phenomena affecting se...

Straka, Ondřej , Duník, Jindřich
Resampling-free Stochastic Integration Filter

The paper deals with the state estimation of nonlinear stochastic systems with additive Gaussian noises by means of the Gaussian filters leveraging numerical integration rules. The filters were derived under the assumption of the joint state and measurement predictive density being Gaussian,...

Straka, Ondřej , Punčochář, Ivo
Hierarchical Active Fault Diagnosis for Stochastic Large Scale Systems with Coupled Faults

The paper deals with the active fault diagnosis of large scale stochastic systems with faults modeled as mutually dependent Markov chains. The system is described by multiple models representing fault-free and faulty behavior of the system. The aim of the active fault detector in&#...

Ajgl, Jiří , Straka, Ondřej
Inverse Covariance Intersection Fusion of Multiple Estimates

Linear fusion of estimates is a basic tool for combining probabilistic data. If the correlation of estimation errors is unknown, the fusion performance is evaluated with respect to the worst case. Inverse Covariance Intersection fusion is a rule for combining two estimates with par...

Ajgl, Jiří , Straka, Ondřej
Design of Confidence Sets for Estimation with Approximate Piecewise Linear Constraint

Constrained state estimation has been studied in the literature usually from the point estimation perspective. That is, a random vector is designed and its covariance matrix is searched based on contextual information available in addition to the measured data. This paper deals with...

Duník, Jindřich , Straka, Ondřej , Matoušek, Jakub
Conditional Density Driven Grid Design in Point-Mass Filter

The paper is devoted to the state estimation of nonlinear stochastic dynamic systems. The stress is laid on a grid-based numerical solution to the Bayesian recursive relations using the point-mass filter (PMF). In the paper, a novel conditional density driven grid (CDDG) design is&...

Tomiczek, Petr
Second order problem with ALP condition and unbounded nonlinearities

The nonlinear second order ordinary differential equation u''(x) + m^2 u(x) + g(x, u(x)) = f(x) , x in [0, p] , u(0) = u(p) = 0 is investigated in this article. We suppose that the nonlinearity g is unbounded and satisfies an ALP type condition. We prove...

Beran, Daniel , Li, Nan , Pfeifer, Norbert
Label errors in point cloud in training data for classification using machine learning

One of the applications of ULS (UAV-borne laser scanning) lies in power line inspection. However, with LiDAR data (i.e. point clouds) comes the need for reliable automatic classification, also called semantic segmentation, of data which allows further analysis of gathered data. Vast num...

Kottner, Radek , Bek, Lukáš , Krystek, Jan , Kroft, Roman
Failure of Blind Riveted Joint of Carbon Laminates

Thispaperdealswiththeexperimentalandnumericalinvestigationsofmechanicalbehavior of the single-lap joint of laminates consisting of TENAX-J IMS60 E13 24K carbon fibers and MSG L285 epoxy resin. TIBULB high-strength blind rivets having a diameter of 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm were used for the joint. Tension tes...

Bastl, Bohumír , Egermaier, Jiří , Brandner, Marek , Horníková, Hana , Slabá, Kristýna , Turnerová, Eva
Gradient-free and gradient-based methods for shape optimization of water turbine blade

The purpose of our work is to develop an automatic shape optimization tool for runner wheel blades in reaction water turbines, especially in Kaplan turbines. The fluid flow is simulated using an in-house incompressible turbulent flow solver based on recently introduced isogeometric anal...

Mouček, Roman , Beránková, Klára
Impact of Music on Human Brain Activity during Mental Stress

Because music is an integral part of our lives, every step towards a better understanding of its impact onhumans is beneficial. This paper deals with the impact of several types of music on the human brain activityduring mental stress. An experiment was designed, and electroen...

Brandner, Marek , Knobloch, Petr
Some remarks concerning stabilization techniques for convection–diffusion problems

There are many methods and approaches to solving convection– diffusion problems. For those who want to solve such problems the situation is very confusing and it is very difficult to choose the right method. The aim of this short overview is to provide basic guidelines an...

Marek, Patrice , Marková, Věra
Optimization and Testing of Money Flow Index

The paper deals with whether the Money Flow Index (MFI) can still be used successfully for trading, and whether the parameters recommended in the literature are the best that an investor can use. Simulations in randomized time interval for the largest companies in the S&P&...

Lobovský, Libor , Mandys, Tomáš
Experimental measurements of gravity casting flow

Vimmr, Jan , Lobovský, Libor , Bublík, Ondřej , Mandys, Tomáš
Experimental validation of numerical approach for free surface flows modelling based on lattice Boltzmann method

Martínek, Jiří , Lenc, Ladislav , Král, Pavel , Nicolaou, Anguelos , Christlein, Vincent
Hybrid Training Data for Historical Text OCR

Koutný, Tomáš , Úbl, Martin , Della Cioppa, Antonio , De Falco, Ivanoe , Tarantino, Ernesto , Umberto, Scafuri , Krčma, Michal
Comparing the PaGMO Framework to a De-randomized Meta-Differential Evolution on Calculation and Prediction of Glucose Levels

Pícha, Petr , Brada, Přemysl
Software process anti-pattern detection in project data

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 90