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Zeman, V. , Hlaváč, Z. , Dyk, Š.
Modelling of bowed fuel assemblies vibration in mixed reactor core

Rendl, J. , Byrtus, M. , Dyk, Š. , Smolík, L.
Influence of static unbalance on rotors with various journal bearing types

Lobovský, L. , Marešová, M. , Mandys, T. , Salášek, M. , Weisová, D. , Krystek, J. , Křen, J.
Mechanical stabilisation of sacral bone injuries

Jonášová, A. , Plánička, S. , Vimmr, J.
The role of boundary conditions and viscosity models in thrombosis modelling

Hrabačka, M. , Hajžman, M. , Byrtus, M. , Dyk, Š. , Bulín, R. , Smolík, L.
Modeling and implementation of joints in 2-D multibody dynamics considering chosen imperfections

Červenka, Martin , Havlíček, Ondřej , Kohout, Josef , Váša, Libor
Computerised muscle modelling and simulation for interactive applications

The main challenges of collision detection and handling in muscle modelling are demonstrated. Then, a collision handling technique is tested, exploiting the issue of muscle penetrating the bone in some circumstances, mainly when the movement is too rapid or the displacement of the ...

Lenc, Ladislav , Martínek, Jiří , Král, Pavel
Text Line Segmentation in Historical Newspapers

The paper deals with text line segmentation in historical newspapers. We propose a novel approach which decomposes this problem into two steps: text-block and text-line segmentation. The method should solve issues that may appear in a more commonly used one-step approach. The particular...

Baloun, Josef , Lenc, Ladislav , Král, Pavel
Robust Grid Detection in Historical Map Images

This paper presents a novel method for grid detection in historical maps. The approach is based on Hough transform accompanied with a sophisticated post-processing. They are applied to detect the grid that consists of graticule lines. It works without any training and does not ...

Dyk, Š. , Rendl, J. , Smolík, L. , Bulín, R.
Analysis of autoparametric double pendulum

Byrtus, M. , Lukeš, V. , Rendl, J. , Rohan, E.
Subcritical behaviour and stability of a rigid rotor supported by undulated journal bearings

Mandys, Tomáš , Laš, Vladislav , Krystek, Jan
Numerická simulace s využitím elastoplastického materiálového modelu s poškozením a její experimentální ověření

Heidler, Václav , Pecka, Aleš , Bublík, Ondřej , Vimmr, Jan
Neural network prediction of the flow field in a periodic domain with hypernetwork parametrization

This paper is concerned with fast flow field prediction in a blade cascade for variable blade shapes as well as variable Reynolds number using the machine-learning architecture called convolutional neural network. To generate flow field for a specific Reynolds number, an encoder-decoder ...

De Falco, Ivanoe , Della Cioppa, Antonio , Koutný, Tomáš , Scafuri, Umberto , Tarantino, Ernesto , Úbl, Martin
Grammatical Evolution-Based Approach for Extracting Interpretable Glucose-Dynamics Models

The quality of life of diabetic patients can be enhanced by devising a personalized control algorithm, integrated within an artificial pancreas, capable of dosing the insulin. A key action in the building of this artificial device is to conceive an efficient algorithm for forecasti...

Jedlička, Pavel , Krňoul, Zdeněk , Železný, Miloš , Müller, Luděk
MC-TRISLAN: A Large 3D Motion Capture Sign Language Data-set

The new 3D motion capture data corpus expands the portfolio of existing language resources by a corpus of 18 hours of Czech sign language. This helps to alleviate the current problem, which is a critical lack of high quality data necessary for&...

Úbl, Martin , Koutný, Tomáš
A Novel Approach to Multi-Compartmental Model Implementation to Achieve Metabolic Model Identifiability on Patient's CGM Data

Diabetes is a widespread civilization disease. When developing a new treatment method, in-silico benefits the development process by reducing the need for in-vivo subjects. In-silico evaluation requires a reliable metabolic model, often created as a multi-compartmental model. A common approach to...

Lenc, Ladislav , Martínek, Jiří , Baloun, Josef , Prantl, Martin , Král, Pavel
Historical Map Toponym Extraction for Efficient Information Retrieval

The paper deals with detection, classification and recognition of toponyms in hand-drawn historical cadastral maps. Toponyms are local names of towns, villages and landscape features such as rivers, forests etc. The detected and recognized toponyms are utilized as keywords in an information&...

Cimrman, Robert
Leveraging Python tensor contraction packages for evaluating finite element weak forms

A new implementation of finite element matrix evaluation functions in the finite element code SfePy is introduced, leveraging several Python tensor contraction packages that implement a general function for evaluating expressions given using the Einstein summation convention. An example of the&#x...

Kalista, Karel , Liška, Jindřich , Strnad, Jaromír
Measurement of dynamic forces acting on a rotor supported by a magnetic bearing to identify the coefficients of seals

A steam turbine is a complex device that is part of a turbogenerator. Detailed knowledge of the entire system and its parts is essential to ensure the stability of the machine. One of the most researched sources of forces acting on the rotor is the labyrinth seal.&#x...

Boháček, Matyáš , Hrúz, Marek
Sign Pose-based Transformer for Word-level Sign Language Recognition

In this paper we present a system for word-level sign language recognition based on the Transformer model. We aim at a solution with low computational cost, since we see great potential in the usage of such recognition system on hand-held devices. We base the recognition ...

Joly, Alexis , Goëau, Hervé , Kahl, Stefan , Picek, Lukáš , Lorieul, Titouan , Cole, Elijah , Deneu, Benjamin , Servajean, Maximillien , Durso, Andrew M. , Glotin, Hervé , Planqué, Robert , Vellinga, Willem-Pier , Navine, Amanda , Klinck, Holger , Denton, Tom , Eggel, Ivan , Bonnet, Pierre , Šulc, Milan , Hrúz, Marek
Overview of LifeCLEF 2022: An Evaluation of Machine-Learning Based Species Identification and Species Distribution Prediction

Building accurate knowledge of the identity, the geographic distribution and the evolution of species is essential for the sustainable development of humanity, as well as for biodiversity conservation. However, the difficulty of identifying plants, animals and fungi is hindering the aggregation&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 238