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Chhetri, Maya , Drábek, Pavel , Shivaji, Ratnashingham
Influence of singular weights on the asymptotic behavior of positive solutions for classes of quasilinear equations

Main objective of this paper is to study positive decaying solutions for a class of quasilinear problems with weights. We consider one dimensional problems on an interval which may be finite or infinite. In particular, when the interval is infinite, unlike the known cases in&#...

Kumar, Nirmal , Haviar, Stanislav , Rezek, Jiří , Baroch, Pavel , Zeman, Petr
Tuning Stoichiometry and Structure of Pd-WO3−x Thin Films for Hydrogen Gas Sensing by High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering

By tuning the deposition parameters of reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering, specifically the pulse length, we were able to prepare WO3−x films with various stoichiometry and structure. Subsequently, the films were annealed in air at moderate temperature (350 °C). We demonstrate ...

Chhetri, Maya , Girg, Petr , Hollifield, Elliott
Existence of positive solutions for fractional Laplacian equations: theory and numerical experiments

We consider a class of nonlinear fractional Laplacian problems satisfying the homogeneous Dirichlet condition on the exterior of a bounded domain. We prove the existence of positive weak solution for classes of sublinear nonlinearities including logistic type. A method of sub- and super...

Feng, Yan-Quan , Hu, Kan , Nedela, Roman , Škoviera, Martin , Wang, Na-Er
Complete regular dessins and skew-morphisms of cyclic groups

A dessin is a 2-cell embedding of a connected 2-coloured bipartite graph into an orientable closed surface. A dessin is regular if its group of orientation- and colour-preserving automorphisms acts regularly on the edges. In this paper we study regular dessins whose underlying grap...

Chhetri, Maya , Girg, Petr
Some bifurcation results for fractional Laplacian problems

We consider a nonlocal problem with the fractional Laplacian operator on a bounded domain with smooth boundary and depending on a bifurcation parameter near resonance at the principal eigenvalue. The nonlinear perturbation is sublinear at infinity. We use bifurcation theory to establish ...

Gallet, Matteo , Lubbes, Niels , Schicho, Josef , Vršek, Jan
Reconstruction of Surfaces with Ordinary Singularities from Their Silhouettes

We present algorithms for reconstructing, up to unavoidable projective automorphisms, surfaces with ordinary singularities in three-dimensional space starting from their silhouette, or "apparent contour"-namely, the branching locus of a projection on the plane-and the projection of their singular ...

Houška, Jiří
Maximum achievable N content in atom-by-atom growth of amorphous Si‒C‒N

The maximum achievable N content in Si‒C‒N is examined by combining ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations in a wide range of compositions and densities with experimental data. When and only when the simulation algorithm allows the formation and final presence of N2 molecules, the...

Dupal, Jan , Zajíček, Martin
Existence of analytical solution, stability assessment and periodic response of vibrating systems with time varying parameters

The paper is focused on a solution of a vibrating system with one-degree-of-freedom (1 DOF). The goal of this presentation is to deal with the method for periodical response calculation (if exists) reminding Harmonic Balance Method (HBM) of linear systems having time dependent para...

Straka, Ondřej , Punčochář, Ivo
Decentralized and Distributed Active Fault Diagnosis: Multiple Model Estimation Algorithms

The paper focuses on the active fault diagnosis (AFD) of large scale systems. The multiple model framework is considered and two architectures are treated: the decentralized and the distributed one. An essential part of the AFD algorithm is the state estimation, which must be ...

Havelková, Linda , Krofta, Ladislav , Kochová, Petra , Liška, Václav , Kališ, Vladimír , Feyereisl, Jaroslav
Persistent occiput posterior position and stress distribution in levator ani muscle during vaginal delivery computed by a finite element model

Objective of this study was to develop an MRI-based finite element model and simulate a childbirth considering the fetal head position in a persistent occiput posterior position.

Sanchez Alvarado, Alberto Jose , Nováček, Vít , Křen, Jiří
A framework to assess mechanics of stump-socket interaction in transfemoral amputees

This paper presents the development of a new framework for stump–socket interface force estimation for future prosthesis optimization in transfemoral amputees. It combines experimental data and modelling, including gait analysis, subject-specific simulation of gait and finite element modelling of the&...

Bastl, Bohumír , Slabá, Kristýna
Automatic generators of multi-patch B-spline meshes of blade cascades and their comparison

In this paper, we propose several approaches for automatic construction of planar multi-patch B-spline parameterizations around one or between two consecutive blade profiles in a blade cascade starting from given design parameters (blade cascade is obtained by unfolding a cylindrical cross-sectio...

Jedlička, Karel , Beran, Daniel , Martolos, Jan , Kolovský, František , Kepka, Michal , Mildorf, Tomáš , Sháněl, Jan
Traffic modelling for the smart city of Pilsen

The contribution describes Traffic Modeller (www.trafficmodeller.com) - a web map application for monitoring, analysis and prediction of traffic in a metropolitan area. The technical solution of Traffic Modeller is provided. This includes the mandatory and optional input data sources (such as...

Rohan, Eduard , Naili, Salah
Homogenization of the fluid–structure interaction in acoustics of porous media perfused by viscous fluid

This paper aims to clarify the homogenization results of the fluid–structure interaction in porous structures under the quasi-static and dynamic loading regimes. In the latter case, the acoustic fluctuations yield naturally a linear model which can be introduced in the configuration deformed...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Kolonitskii, Sergey
Second-order derivative of domain-dependent functionals along Nehari manifold trajectories

Assume that a family of domain-dependent functionals EΩt possesses a corresponding family of least energy critical points ut which can be found as (possibly nonunique) minimizers of EΩt over the associated Nehari manifold N(Ωt). We obtain a formula for the second-order derivative of...

Pajdarová, Andrea Dagmar , Kozák, Tomáš , Hubička, Zdeněk , Čada, Martin , Mareš, Pavel , Čapek, Jiří
Plasma parameters in positive voltage pulses of bipolar HiPIMS discharge determined by Langmuir probe with a sub-microsecond time resolution

We have determined the local plasma parameters using the Langmuir probe measurements with a sub-microsecond time resolution during positive voltage pulses of a bipolar high-power impulse magnetron sputtering discharge using an unbalanced magnetron with a titanium target. The effects of the p...

Holub, Přemysl , Jakovac, Marko , Klavžar, Sandi
S-packing chromatic vertex-critical graphs

In this paper we introduce S-packing chromatic vertex-critical graphs, chi_S-critical for short,as the graphs G in which chi_S(G-u)<chi_S(G) for every vertex u of G. We show that a set of differences between chi_S(G) and chi_S(G-u) can be almost arbitrary. If G is chi_S-critical ...

Baustian, Falko , Bobkov, Vladimír
On asymptotic behavior of Dirichlet inverse

Let f(n) be an arithmetic function with f(1)≠0 and let f−1(n) be its reciprocal with respect to the Dirichlet convolution. We study the asymptotic behavior of ∣∣f−1(n)∣∣ with regard to the asymptotic behavior of |f(n)| assuming that the latter one grows or decays with at ...

Gastineau, Nicolas , Holub, Přemysl , Togni, Olivier
On the packing chromatic number of subcubic outerplanar graphs

Cibulka, Radek , Roubal, Tomáš
Ioffe-Type Criteria in Extended Quasi-Metric Spaces

We study various regularity properties, including subregularity and semiregularity, of set-valued mappings acting in extended quasi-metric spaces. It turns out that this abstract framework allows to unify criteria for the usual (sub/semi) regularity as well as their directional and Hölder co...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 212