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Recent Submissions

Klečková, Jitka
Modelování aeroelastických jevů se zaměřením na predikci flutteru turbínových lopatek

Thesis is devoted to a field of aeroelasticity phenomena, which appears due to interaction of fluid and structure. This work is especially aimed at methods of mathematical modelling of aeroelasticity phenomena in steam turbines, where one of the best known is a flutter of turbine b...

Bulín, Radek
Pokročilé výpočtové metody pro vyšetřování dynamiky vázaných mechanických systémů s lany a poddajnými nosníky

This dissertation thesis is dedicated to the modelling of multibody systems that include flexible thin bodies such as beams, ropes, cables and fibers. In this work, the basic methods for cable modelling are summarized and then the complex methodology for the dynamical analysis of&#...

Smolík, Luboš
Modelování kmitání a dynamická analýza rotorů turbodmychadel

This dissertation thesis deals with methods for computational modelling and testing of lateral vibrations of turbocharger rotors supported in journal bearings with fully floating rings. Furthermore, design for an effective radial journal bearing is proposed. Parameters of an investigated turbocharger&...

Bek, Lukáš
Pokročilé spoje kompozitních komponent

The work is focused on a behaviour investigation of a riveted joint using composite components and a blind rivet. The work describes a design and an implementation of a material model into the commercially used software Abaqus. The most important model characteristics are the ...

Kocáb, Jiří , Kottner, Radek , Kossa, Attila
Characterization of a cork-rubber composite using advanced material models