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Schuh, Harald , Rizos, Chris , Šprlák, Michal , Drewes, Hermann , Heinkelmann, Robert
The XXVII IUGG General Assembly, Montreal, Canada, 2019 IAG Presidential Address

This contribution contains: IAG Presidential Address, Levallois Medal Laudation for Christoph Reigber, Guy Bomford Prize Lecture, IAG Young Authors Award 2015, IAG Young Authors Award 2016, IAG Young Authors Award 2017, IAG Young Authors Award 2018, Report of the IAG Secretary General, ...

Jedlička, Karel , Hájek, Pavel
Does 3D GIS provide a different insight than 2D?

visualization) of 3D geographical data, his or her first reaction is usually very positive. However, after a second look or a longer work with the 3D GIS, the user sometimes realizes no or minimal added value, accompanied by unsolicited complexity caused by the need to ha...

Jedlička, Karel , Valeš, Jiří , Hájek, Pavel , Kepka, Michal , Pitoňák, Martin
Calculation of Agro-Climatic Factors from Global Climatic Data

This manuscript aims to create large-scale calculations of agro-climatic factors from global climatic data with high granularity-climatic ERA5-Land dataset from the Copernicus Climate Change Service in particular. First, we analyze existing approaches used for agro-climatic factor calculation and formulate...

Karabin, Marcin , Kitsakis, Dimitrios , Koeva, Mila , Navratil, Gerhard , Paasch, Jesper , Paulsson, Jenny , Vučić, Nikola , Janečka, Karel , Lisec, Anka
Layer approach to ownership in 3D cadastre in the case of underground tunnels

The paper focuses on approaches to the registration of real property rights in the case of underground or subway tunnels in different EU countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, and Sweden. The authors conducted analysis on the registration of rig...

Kubíčková, Hana , Jedlička, Karel , Fiala, Radek , Beran, Daniel
Indoor Positioning Using PnP Problem on Mobile Phone Images

As people grow accustomed to effortless outdoor navigation, there is a rising demand for similar possibilities indoors as well. Unfortunately, indoor localization, being one of the requirements for navigation, continues to be a problem without a clear solution. In this article, we are&#...