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Beran, Daniel , Li, Nan , Pfeifer, Norbert
Label errors in point cloud in training data for classification using machine learning

One of the applications of ULS (UAV-borne laser scanning) lies in power line inspection. However, with LiDAR data (i.e. point clouds) comes the need for reliable automatic classification, also called semantic segmentation, of data which allows further analysis of gathered data. Vast num...

Jedlička, Karel , Beran, Daniel , Martolos, Jan , Kolovský, František , Kepka, Michal , Mildorf, Tomáš , Sháněl, Jan
Traffic modelling for the smart city of Pilsen

The contribution describes Traffic Modeller (www.trafficmodeller.com) - a web map application for monitoring, analysis and prediction of traffic in a metropolitan area. The technical solution of Traffic Modeller is provided. This includes the mandatory and optional input data sources (such as...

Yin, Wenjie , Li, Tongqing , Zheng, Wei , Hu, Litang , Han, Shin-Chan , Tangdamrongsub, Natthachet , Šprlák, Michal , Huang, Zhiyong
Improving regional groundwater storage estimates from GRACE and global hydrological models over Tasmania, Australia

Accuracy of groundwater storage (GWS) estimates from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission usually has certain relations with hydrological models. This study develops a statistical selection approach to optimally estimate GWS from GRACE using two hydrological models: the Glo...

Čada, Václav , Čada, Václav , Čada, Václav
Digitální technická mapa ČR

The article deals with a new definition of the Digital Technical Map of the Czech Republic in relation with the electronization of public administration agendas. Namely, it refers to digitization of building management. The new Digital Technical Map is defined as a geographic datab...

Janečka, Karel
Transformation of 3D geospatial data into CityGML - a case of Prague

The 3D geoinformation is becoming important for cities and their policies. The cities are therefore exploring the possibilities of 3D virtual city models for more ecient decision making. To maximize the economic benefit of such data, the cities can provide their 3D geospatial data&...