Katedra geomatiky / Departmens of Geomatics


Recent Submissions

Jedlička, Karel , Hájek, Pavel , Charvát, Karel , Valeš, Jiří
Exploitation of calculated local temperature topography variations - a case study in Kenya

Pitoňák, Martin , Šprlák, Michal , Novák, Pavel , Tenzer, Robert
Validation of GOCE-based gravitational gradients grids by spectral combination method

This paper deals with the validation of gravity gradients measured by GOCE using terrestrial data measured in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In our study, we test the quality of the official GOCE Level 2 product called GRD_SPW_2 and GOCE + Geoxplore II. These are gravit...

Kepka Vichrová, Martina , Hájek, Pavel , Kepka, Michal , Fiegler, Laura , Dorner, Wolfgang , Juha, Mariann
Peregrinus Silva Bohemica. A Digital Travel Guide for Navigation Assistance

How can historical cultural assets be made accessible and experienced with the help of digital media? Scientists in the Bavarian-Bohemian border region are dealing with this question in the context of the Peregrinus Silva Bohemica project. Historic sites and buildings are made available...

Janečka, Karel
The Integrated Management of Information about the Geodetic Point Fields—A Case of the Czech Republic

The geodetic point fields play a crucial role in measuring a terrain, in surveying, and mapping applications. Due to the rapid development in the domain of information technologies, it makes sense to consider using the database and web technologies to manage and disseminate the...

Rathnayake, Samurdhika , Tenzer, Robert , Eshagh, Mehdi , Pitoňák, Martin
Gravity Maps of the Lithospheric Structure Beneath the Indian Ocean

The lithospheric structure beneath the Indian Ocean is probably the most complicated, but at the same time, the least understood among world’s oceans. Results of tomographic, geochemical, magnetic and other surveys provide the evidence of its complex geological history. Seismic surveys have&...