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Recent Submissions

Kubín, Zdeněk
Metodika kalibrace v úloze bezkontaktního monitorování oběžných lopatek parních turbín

Blade Tip-Timing measurement becomes more and more valuable because power generation market is changing to the peak-load market. Today steam turbines have to full-fill high efficiency and reliability demand as well as increasing of number of cycles or operating in wide operational range...

Lehečka, Jan
Adaptace jazykového modelu na téma v reálném čase

The research area of this thesis is online topic-based language model (LM) adaptation. It is a mechanism designed to reduce word error rates of real-time automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems in multi-topic tasks, where a general LM cannot model varying word sequence statistics...

Prüher, Jakub
Gausovské procesy v identifikaci systémů a odhadu stavu

Gaussian process regression is a Bayesian nonparametric model, which combines high expressiveness with tractable Bayesian inference. The first application of GP models in this thesis is the identification of nonlinear time-invariant systems affine in control with functional uncertainty.&...

Švejda, Martin , Jáger, Arnold
Engineering based robot optimization methodology

Liška, Jindřich , Jakl, Jan , Künkel, Sven
Measurement and evaluation of shaft torsional vibrations using shaft instantaneous angular velocity