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Recent Submissions

Watson, Peter Joel
Academic Writing 1

Academic Writing is an introductory course designed for online learners. The goal is to provide learners with a comprehensive introduction to a higher level of writing, to increase the understanding of the writing process, and language in general. It develops innate skills, both wr...

Caldeiro-Pedreira, Mari-Carmen , Havránková, Tereza
The Use of Educative Videos to Develop Critical Competence

Abstract: The technology society and the increasing number of communication tools have given a rise to the development of new forms of teaching. Nowadays it is practically impossible to teach using traditional approaches. The media world requires implementation of new teaching-learning metho...

Řeháček, Karel
Oblastní úřadovna Osidlovacího úřadu a Fondu národní obnovy v Plzni (1945–1950)

The article deals with the administrative and organizational development of the regional office of the Settlement Office and the National Renewal Fund in Pilsen in the years 1945-1950.

Řeháček, Karel
Zdravotní péče na Karlovarsku v letech 1938–1945

The article deals with the organization of health care in the Karlovy Vary region in the years 1938-1945, its development, changes and staffing. He pays attention to the activities of the NSDAP in the field of health care and the role of physicians in the National So...

Casas Moreno, Patricia , Caldeiro-Pedreir, Mari-Carmen , Havránková, Tereza
The Knowledge and the Use of Educational Applications from University Students in Spain and the Czech Republic

Technological evolution has led to many changes at both professional and academic levels. The inclusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has caused dizzying changes in the different contexts of life (educational, professional, social). More and more applications are being downl...