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Recent Submissions

Caldeiro-Pedreira, Mari-Carmen , Havránková, Tereza
The Use of Educative Videos to Develop Critical Competence

Abstract: The technology society and the increasing number of communication tools have given a rise to the development of new forms of teaching. Nowadays it is practically impossible to teach using traditional approaches. The media world requires implementation of new teaching-learning metho...

Casas Moreno, Patricia , Caldeiro-Pedreir, Mari-Carmen , Havránková, Tereza
The Knowledge and the Use of Educational Applications from University Students in Spain and the Czech Republic

Technological evolution has led to many changes at both professional and academic levels. The inclusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has caused dizzying changes in the different contexts of life (educational, professional, social). More and more applications are being downl...

Wroblewski, Bartlomiej , Majerová, Marie
Teaching strategies and techniques in mixed-ability classes.

In this article, the authors review their day-to-day experience with teaching mixed-ability classes at an institution of higher learning. In the first part, they analyse the typical composition of the student population in a class, using the specific situation of the courses on “En...

Hromádková, Petra , Ramadanová, Jitka
Inovace předmětu Angličtina pro cestovní ruch na Fakultě ekonomické Západočeské univerzity v Plzni

This paper deals with the innovation project VS-18-007 carried out by the teachers of the Institute of Applied Language Studies at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in 2018. The aim of the authors is to present both their colleagues teaching Business English at the...

Ramadanová, Jitka , Śvarcová, Kateřina , Kadlčíková, Ilona
Zkušenosti z inovace předmětů hospodářské angličtiny na FEK ZČU v Plzni

This paper written by a team of authors presents a project carried out at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The project aimed at upgrading the content of Business English courses offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at the Faculty of Economics. W...