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Štěpánek, Petr
Simulace elektrického pohonu s otevřeným vinutím napájeného dvojicí napěťových střídačů

The subject of the work is a vector PWM for a common load-pairing inverter, such as open-wound motors, where each winding side is powered by one 3f inverter. It is not necessary to have a motor in the load

Křížová, Lucie
Sacharidy v potravinách a metody jejich stanovení

This bachelor thesis examines carbohydrates in food and the methods of their determination. It describes significant representatives of carbohydrates' particular groups, focusing on their chemical structure, the occurrence and the significance in human nutrition. The bachelor thesis also explores ...

Bártová, Markéta
Aditiva v potravinách a jejich vliv na zdraví člověka

This bachelor thesis concerns with additives in food and their influence on human health. The opening chapter is dedicated to general overview, history and testing of supplementary stuff. Furthermore, the thesis also describes the dividing of the supplementary stuff and its most signifi...

Tesařík, Tomáš
Mladopaleolitické skalní umění

The aim of the work is a systematic treatise on the study of parietal art in the Upper Palaeolithic, especially focusing on the origin of art and the questions of its creators with regard to current and past hypotheses of fundamental researchers from available literature. ...

Zinnerová, Kateřina
Vědomí a subjektivní zkušenost

This bachelor thesis attempts to provide a closer look at the meditation phenomenon and the changes of consciousness, which are consequent upon this issue. The historical development of mind and body in philosophy and psychology is described in the introduction of the thesis. After...