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Habrman, Martin
Úprava hydraulického lisu na jednoúčelové zkušební zařízení pro hluboké tažení plechu

This diploma thesis contains a brief description of sheet metal drawing, a specification of individual parameters and types of de-fects. Next parts describe the types of tests of sheets from basic to difficult. Here are presented forming limit diagrams, deformed net-works, and methods&#...

Rudinskyi, Mykhailo
Ověření vlivů úspor energie na výslednou spotřebu paliva v jízdních cyklech

This diploma thesis includes study of problematics cooling circuit controls to increase the speed of heating of the engine, construction of the simulation scheme, simulation of riding through different driving cycles according to regulations, the assessment of the modifications of the coolin...

Skřivánek, Petr
Zdvihací zařízení

This diploma thesis deals with a design of an elevator for the transport of KLT boxes with parts between two double-deck ENGEL belt conveyors. A knowledge integrated design strategy was used for the design of a technical system. The resulting design was created with regards&#x...

Havlík, Marek
Konstrukce testovací stolice pro náklonovou analýzu olejové náplně motoru

The goal of the thesis is to design a testing rig for tilting analysis of the oil filling of the car engine. It contains the comparison of tilting mechanisms for tested assembly, design of the main structure of the rig with FEM analysis and choice of...

Štýbr, Dennis
Návrh inovace automobilového zadního sedačkového zámku

Diploma thesis contains a design proposal of a back seat lock with antirattling function. Design includes functional analysis, tolerance analysis and strength calculations of whole assembly.