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Recent Submissions

Mladý, Karel
Odstranění úzkých míst v logistických procesech

Fundamental goal of this thesis is to unveil bottlenecks and present following solutions, which would eliminate them. Special importance is especially given to defining problems and processes places where all resources are wasted. To understand the given topic, it is necessary to get&#x...

Hucl, Matouš
Návrh zlepšení prostorového uspořádání ve společnosti

This work deals with problems of production arrangement and modern possibilities of sheet metal storage. The theoretical part describes a production, spatial layout of production and storage. In the practical part there are designed variants of changes in the production arrangement and ...

Haas, Jakub
Racionalizace pracoviště montáže

The aim of the bachelor thesis is to rationalize of the installation workshop in the company dealing with the production of car washes. An essential element is the analysis of the current state, from which deficiencies are determined, for which solutions are proposed. The bene...

Milatová, Monika
Návrh laboratoře virtuální reality pro Centrum výzkumu Řež, s. r. o.

This bachelor thesis is devoted to designing of laboratory for virtual reality which will serve in the Research Centre Řež, s.r.o. as a place for simulation space of nuclear power plant in 3D environment. It will also serve employees as a place to train workflows and ...

Müller, Jakub
Tvorba studijních opor pro modernizaci výuky Technické informatiky v C#

The Bachelor thesis is focused on the development of a study support used for the modernization of the Technical informatics course. An analysis of the current state of the subject is performed and the solution to this problem is proposed. Innovation and modernization of the&#...