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Recent Submissions

Polanecká, Šárka
Suché chladicí věže pro tepelnou elektrárnu velkého výkonu

The diploma thesis deals with the design of a heat removal system for a large power plant in a continental climate with a limited amount of cooling water. The theoretical part presents the types of cooling of thermal power plants and the technological possibilities of the...

Voráček, Lukáš
Modely valivých ložisek pro CFD simulace v pohonných mechanismech

This master thesis describes methodology of CFD simulations of ball bearings. Four variations of geometry were made, and then they were discretized. Different approaches were tested together with different boundary conditions. In thesis an effect on losses in bearings&#x...

Vašíčková, Kateřina
Zařízení pro manipulaci s použitým jaderným palivem

This diploma thesis is focused on the handling of spent nuclear fuel in PWR type reactors. It transfers knowledge of the used storage conta-iners and disposal containers. The aim of this thesis is to design a handling machine for spent nuclear fuel including the calculation&#x...

Linhart, Matěj
Optimalizovaný návrh podlahy závodního vozu kategorie FSAE z hlediska aerodynamiky

The diploma sheet is focused on problem of influence of shape of the geometry of the undetrtray on aerodynamic characteristics of the car. Main topics are research of the systems, experimental measurement and design of the new undertray. Benefit of this diploma thesis is impro...

Bém, Jindřich
Nestacionární výpočet evakuace VT dílu

The diploma thesis contains a theoretical description of adiabatic flow through the friction pipe. Describe the determination of the friction coefficient and the loss coefficient of local losses. A theoretical description of the ventilation in the steam turbine and a description of the&...