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Recent Submissions

Váchal, Václav
Technologie pájení heterogenních pájených spojů.

The topic of this bachelor thesis is the design of the hard spine of the heterogeneous joint (cemented carbide - steel). In the theoretical part we find information about brazing and technology of electric arc welding in inert gas protective atmospheres. The aim of this w...

Šotová, Petra
Metodika přípravy příčných řezů z tenkých vrstev a zkoumání jejich mikrostruktury v transmisním elektronovém mikroskopu

This bachelor thesis is focused on a selected method of cross-section thin films preparation and its analysis of AZO structure in transmission electron microscope (TEM). It includes advices on how to speed up the preparation process. The theoretical description of crystallographic substances...

Klaisnerová, Jitka
Moderní techniky NDT.

This thesis dissert on design of bodywork of a two-axles middle-class bus in three variants, computer simulation of circumfluence around the bus-body and calculating of chosen drive-parameters. Aerodynamic characteristics and the coefficient of air resistance were obtained by software Fluent.

Veselý, Vilém
Strukturní analýza kovaných rychlořezných nástrojových ocelí se zřetelem na rozložení a velikost karbidů.

The aim of the thesis is to analyze microstructure of forged high - speed tool steel with high deformation degree. This semi-finished product will by used for the production of special machine tools. It was measured several characteristics of microstructure to determinate the optimal nu...

Doležalová, Kamila
Metalografické hodnocení laserových návarů na bázi kompozitních materiálů.

This bachelor thesis is composed of two parts. One of them is theoretical and the other experimental. The theoretical part consists of a description of laser cladding technology and description of materials with high corrosion and biodegradability resistance. The experimental part focuses&#x...