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Recent Submissions

Sýkorová, Lucie
Ekonomická analýza rozdílu použití konvenční a aditivní výroby

The diploma thesis focuses on the creation of an economic analysis of the difference between the use of conventional and additive manufacturing. The theoretical part of the work includes familiarization with the background for understanding additive manufacturing. The practical part c...

Městka, Petr
Optimalizace prostorového uspořádání

The thesis deals with the optimization of the spatial arrangement of workplaces in the mechanical division of STREICHER, spol. s.r.o. Plzeň. The aim of this work is to make a proposal for changing the spatial arrangement of workplaces, which will reduce material...

Musilová, Sára
Zlepšení ergonomie na pracovišti

The bachelor's thesis deals with ergonomics and subsequent rationalization of the workplace. It contains a theoretical part, which approaches the issue of ergonomics and rationalization of the workplace. The practical part of the work is further devoted to the a...

Dědič, Petr
Prostorového uspořádání výrobních a skladovacích ploch

This thesis dissert describes a spatial arangment of an assem-bly hall with the aim to implement new assembly line to two already existing ones. All of the arangments come from capaci-ty calculations and all of them were compared and desgined in a programe named Vistable.

Kortus, Kryštof
Možnosti virtuální kolaborace

The bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using virtual reality for virtual collaboration. A high potential of usability can be expected in this area. The aim of the thesis is to create an application that, using virtual reality goggles and a selected server, mediate...