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Recent Submissions

Šizling, Jiří
Synergie energetické struktury v Industry 4.0

The diploma thesis contains an introduction to the technical equipment of buildings in connection with the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. The main goal is to find and apply the synergy of energy saving devices. The result of the work is the design of an expert&...

Rageh, Akram
Porovnání realizace procesu člověkem a kolaborativním robotem

The thesis deals with the comparison of process realization of human and collaborative robot. The theoretical part describes the industrial revolutions, Industry 4.0, and further described robotics, especially collaborative robot. The practical part describes the experimental workplaces of the collabo...

Mladý, Karel
Zefektivnění prostorového uspořádání ve společnosti

This diploma thesis is divided into two specific sections, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is devoted to streamlining the spatial arrangement and explains the basic concepts such as material flows, logistics chain, and transport performance. At the same time, it presents ...

Bosman, Ondřej
Racionalizace výměny nástroje v lisu

The master s thesis is dealing with a reduction of the time that is needed for exchanging transfer and progressive tools in press machines. The theoretical part is focused on findings in industrial engineering scientific publications. In the practical part of the thesis an exc...

Forstová, Marie
Návrh zefektivnění výroby ve společnosti Safran Cabin CZ s.r.o.

The diploma thesis focuses on improving the production efficiency in Safran Cabin CZ s.r.o. company. The thesis deals with areas of manufacturing, manufacturing systems and manufacturing processes in the theoretical part. Following is the analysis of existing state of production ...