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Recent Submissions

Kubr, Jan
Praktická implementace návodek

The aim of this work is to get acquainted with the concept of virtual reality, to describe this concept using literature and to compare software for working with virtual reality. The work describes the possibilities of using virtual reality and the various types of instruction...

Krákora, David
Porovnání technických řešení virtuálního tréninku

This diploma thesis is focused on the comparison of two technologies in terms of utilization for virtual training. Two identical virtual assemblies were created for the possibility of comparison. Both of them were implemented on individual technologies. Subsequently, a study was designed...

Pitoňák, Marek
Snížení technických prostojů montážní linky

The diploma thesis focuses on reducing the technical downtimes of the assembly line. First to analyze the technical problems of the line and select the problematic process. Furthermore, the design, selection and implementation of functional measures, including economic evaluation.

Černý, Michal
Ergonomická analýza montážní linky

The diploma thesis contains an ergonomic analysis of the assembly line at the company Mubea, s.r.o. The theoretical part focuses on ergonomics, occupational diseases and ergonomic analysis. The practical part anal-yses the production line from both a static and a dynamic point of v...

Jamrich, Milan
Vliv firemní strategie na výkonnost podniku

The diploma thesis contains a theoretical basis of information, dealing with the issue of company strategy and measuring its performance. The theoretical part provides the basis for the processing of the application part, in which important parameters and indicators for determining the ...