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Hajný, Martin
Analýza zmetkovitosti a návrh opatření ke zvýšení efektivnosti ve vybrané společnosti

The aim of this thesis is to analyze rejection rate in a corporation producing components for the aerospace industry. In first place, the submitted work analyzes existing system of quality management and subsequently maps the production process, reveals weaknesses in manufacturing and,...

Sladký, Richard
Optimalizace uspořádání výrobních linek s ohledem \nl{}na produktivitu práce

The theoretical part of this thesis explains the terms production, production line and labor productivity. In the practical part there is an analysis of the current state, ie the description of both studied production lines and defining the main problems and shortcomings of the...

Szitás, Jan
Zhodnocení nasazení Manufacturing Execution System ve Škoda Transportation a.s.

This master's thesis deals with description and evaluation deployed IS - Manufacturing Execution System in company ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION a.s. By analysing each anticipated aspect of the system the level of its fulfilment is reflected using proper techniques. The thesis contains an evaluat...

Zacharda, Karel
Návrh prostorového uspořádání a racionalizace pracovišť \nl{}pro nový výrobní program

The thesis contains a theoretical basis on which the practical project is based. The subject of the project is a design of a new layout of a small assembly and storage hall, including a new warehouse design and design of new assembly workplaces. The project was being...

Bortlík, Ondřej
Návrh a vizualizace nové montážní linky \nl{}ve společnosti Air Power s.r.o.

This diploma thesis contains design of assembly line with visualization in visTable software. Also deals with solutions of operating time with their balancing. In diploma thesis were also made calculate capacity calculations with respect to the customer requirement.

Gregorová, Patricie
Implementace metody SMED ve vybraném podniku

The aim of the diploma thesis is to optimize and standardize tool exchange times when the production orders are changing. The theoretical part serves as the cornerstone for the implementation of the SMED method, which is subsequently applied in the practical part of the thesis...

Hnátová, Ilona
Návrh systému měření výkonnosti vybraného podniku a jeho rozvoj

The diploma thesis deals with the proposal of measuring the performance of the company Elitex Nepomuk, a.s. and its development. The main aim is to create and analyze the performance of the company. For the evaluation of this issue was chosen the pyramid decomposition of ...

Veselá, Terezie
Hodnocení připravenosti vybraného podniku na zavádění iniciativy Průmysl 4.0

The work deals with the evaluation of the readiness for implementation initiative industry 4.0 of selected part of the IAC Group, which is the world´s largest supplier of automotive interior parts. Specifically, the production plant Přeštice 2, which is the latest plant and the...

Nezbeda, Ondřej
Racionalizace procesu skladování plechů

The diploma thesis deals with the problems of sheet metal storage and actual processes in the warehouse. The first part deals with the characteristics of the company and the storage strategy. In the second part are proposed solutions for rationalization of storage processes. In...

Šimlová, Gabriela
Možnosti implementace kolaborativních robotů na pracoviště laserového potisku s využitím nástroje Tecnomatix Process Simulate

This thesis deals with detailed characteristics of collaborative robots, their parameters, areas of uses and security of their application. This theme is conditional on knowledge of Industry 4.0, which brings innovative robotics technologies such as automation, digitisation, simulation and artificial&...

Peteřík, Adam
Aplikace metody SMED pro racionalizaci přestavby výrobní linky

The thesis deals with the application of the SMED method for rationalization of the production line chengeover. The first part is devoted to the lean enterprise theory and a description of fundamental methods of industrial engineering with an emphasis on the SMED method. In th...

Študlar, Václav
Změny v technologii chlazení s důrazem na enviromentální dopady a s ohledem na legislativní omezení

This thesis is focused on describing and explaining changes in cooling technology, considering new legislative restrictions which will start valid in the upcoming years. First part of the thesis is briefly describing cooling technology in general. The second part is focused on developme...

Yahya, Doaa W. F.
Problematika 3D tisku pro použití v průmyslové praxi

The thesis focuses on specific disruptive technologies (3D printing) in induistrial practice. The theme of thesis is issues of application of potential disruptive technologies in the field of industrial engineering. In my work I will deal with 3D printing, its difference in usage,...

Pribol, Robert
Návrh prostorového uspořádání při změně výrobního programu

The diploma thesis deals with layout design of production system for racing cars. The theoretical part describes the rules of the design process. These rules are used in the practical part for the layout design. Finally, the optimal solution is presented.

Klementová, Petra
Implementace metody průmyslového inženýrství

Diploma thesis deals with problems of supplying of purchased material in company Hutchinson s. r. o., Rokycany. The main goals of the work are to make deatailed analysis of material flows in the solving industrial hall and to impmlement Kanban system. To perform optimalization ...

Drápalíková, Irena
Balancování výrobní linky

This thesis deals with the production line balancing. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts of production systems. The methodology of normalization of work and balancing of production lines is subsequently described. In the practical part, the time analysis of the individual...

Souček, Stanislav
Zavedení systému na zadávání zakázek externími zákazníky pro oddělení kvality

This diploma thesis deals with the implementation of an information system for awarding contracts to a selected company. The theoretical part contains description, methods and procedures for the implementation of the information system into the company and serves as a background for the...

Svoboda, Tomáš
Systémová integrace podnikových systémů SAP a SmarTeam

This diploma thesis deals with the issue related to implementation of interface for mutual communication between SAP and SmarTeam systems. Thesis contains analysis of the enterprise environment and both of the systems in order to determine requirements for the final form of the int...

Zikmund, Jakub
Balancování montážní linky

The Theses is focused on line balancing. Topic is Balancing of line. The goal is to eliminate the waste and optimize the line for output 10 products per shift.

Pešek, Tomáš
Racionalizace pracovišť

The diploma thesis deals with the rationalization of the workplaces, namely the workplace of the warehouse. The first part briefly describes innovation, rationalization and selected methods of industrial engineering. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the storage system in the compa...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 150