Katedra technologie obrábění / Department of Machining Technology


Recent Submissions

Bulín, Petr
Možnosti parametrizace a její praktické aplikace při tvorbě programu pro obrábění klíčové součásti kluzného ložiska

Diploma thesis is about parametrization options in software SolidWorks. The subject of parametrization is the axial tilting pad which is part of a plain bearing. And this thesis is about using this parametrization while creating a machining program in software HSM Works.&#x...

Sýkora, Jindřich
Konstrukce a výroba soustružnického nože pomocí 3D tisku

The thesis is focused on the design of a lathe tool and its manufacturing using 3D printing. The aim was to create a tool with a system of cooling channels that should provide effective cooling of the cutting edge and therefore increase the tool life while machining&...

Bendl, Václav
Zavedení plánu kontrol ve výrobě

The main aim of this diploma theses is to create and implement control plans for manufactured parts and assembly of final product which should ensure appropriate quality of product and reduce quality costs. At the same time clear rules for communication between specific departments...

Šindelář, Ondřej
Vliv tlaku chladicí kapaliny na životnost nástroje při soustružení slitin titanu

This thesis describes the impact of pressure of coolant on the service life of cutting tool during rough turning of titanium alloys. The aim of this work was to test newly designed tool, which allows simultaneous flow of cutting liquid on the face and on the flank&#x...

Kratochvíl, Václav
Studium signálu akustické emise ve vztahu k opotřebení nástroje

The aim of this diploma thesis is the monitoring of dependencies of acoustic emission signal on tool wear and other individual cutting parameters. In the first section the thesis focuses on theory and definitions from the field of tool wear and acoustic emission. In the m...