Katedra technologie obrábění / Department of Machining Technology


Recent Submissions

Müller, Milan
Možnosti obrábění materiálů skupiny ISO O

The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of machining materials of the ISO O group, which are not machined under normal conditions. The aim is to test the suitability of the application of tools from the manufacturers 6C Tools and UnionTool. Part of&#...

Pekárek, Dominik
Návrh montážního postupu pro hydrodynamickou stříkací jednotku

The bachelor's thesis contains a general analysis of the assembly procedures and their design characteristics, a description of the painting and spraying techniques used, the basic types of pumps used and their mechanisms, and an analysis of the parts for which the ...

Kučera, Petr
Návrh přípravku pro zmenšení pracovního prostoru pro zařízení EOS M290

The goal of this diploma is to limit the working space of the machine for specific printing tasks and thus minimize the amount of input material needed for printing on medium-sized machines, i.e. the most widespread 3D metal printers. The systematic development of a reduced&#x...

Kryštof, Vojtěch
Návrh modulárního upínacího přípravku pro automatizovanou výrobu

The diploma thesis deals with the design and construction of a machining fixture for automated production with the presence of a robot from the beginning of development to the final design. It is a fixture for hook KHSW-13. Subsequently, three variants of fixture for the ...

Tesař, Lukáš
Návrh metodiky zhodnocení vybraného pracoviště

The diploma thesis contains a proposal of methodology for the evaluation of the selected workplace from the point of view of the individual factors of ergonomics, health and safety, and environmental protection. Appropriate devices are used to obtain data and the data is further&#x...