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Kučera, Petr
Návrh přípravku pro zmenšení pracovního prostoru pro zařízení EOS M290

The goal of this diploma is to limit the working space of the machine for specific printing tasks and thus minimize the amount of input material needed for printing on medium-sized machines, i.e. the most widespread 3D metal printers. The systematic development of a reduced&#x...

Kryštof, Vojtěch
Návrh modulárního upínacího přípravku pro automatizovanou výrobu

The diploma thesis deals with the design and construction of a machining fixture for automated production with the presence of a robot from the beginning of development to the final design. It is a fixture for hook KHSW-13. Subsequently, three variants of fixture for the ...

Tesař, Lukáš
Návrh metodiky zhodnocení vybraného pracoviště

The diploma thesis contains a proposal of methodology for the evaluation of the selected workplace from the point of view of the individual factors of ergonomics, health and safety, and environmental protection. Appropriate devices are used to obtain data and the data is further&#x...

Ruml, Vít
Návrh registru rizik na vybraném pracovišti dle požadavků ISO 45001

This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of assigned workplace, identification of potentially risky security aspects. Based on them is proposed register of healt and safety aspects, from which are selected undesirable aspects. These are further analyzed and for each of them are...

Janáček, Dominik
Tvorba kinematiky vyvrtávacích hlav pro simulaci v CAM systému

This master's thesis deals with the design of boring heads kinematics for simulation in a CAM system. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. Overall, the thesis is structured into 5 main chapters. The result of this work is the developed kinematics for...

Maiakov, Illia
Možnosti hardwarové optimalizace na systému Heidenhain ITNC530

The aim of this master's thesis was to explore the possibilities of hardware optimization of the Heidenhain iTNC530 system and compare roughing strategies with the adaptive feed control (AFC) function. The theoretical part focused on describing the optimization options of iTNC530 and...

Netrval, Vítězslav
Vliv materiálu a struktury na kvalitu naskenovaných dat pro reverzní inženýrství

The master's thesis includes an experiment with laser scanning of three different parts. During the scanning, a series of different settings of the laser head were used. The result is a list of recommended laser head settings for specific materials and various geom...

Mezuliánik, Jan
Vliv technologie HVOF žárového stříkání NiCrBSi na jeho obrobitelnost

The diploma thesis addresses the influence of changing parameters in flame spraying of NiCrBSi alloy on the machinability of the coating when machined with a tool with defined cutting edge geometry, while building upon research conducted in previous years. The study also examines e...

Bakir, Yusuf
Investigation of SLM process Phenomena by means of In Situ Monitoring Systems

General scope of this work was to observe and investigate some of the phenomena that are taking place during Selective Laser Melting process. The SLM process is very complicated and its premise is near limitless geometrical freedom during manufacturing. ...

Půta, Filip
Implementace rentgenové metody nedestruktivního zkoušení svarů podvozků kolejových vozidel ve společnosti Škoda Transportation a.s.

Mapping of the state of handling before and after modernisation Implementation of the construction of the workplace for the X-ray machine Approval of the workplace Selection of suitable X-ray equipment Evaluation of the project

Sedlák, Jakub
Hardwarová optimalizace NC programu na systému Heidenhain ITNC530

The content of the thessis is the function AFC of the systém Heidenhain iTNC530, the functionality and its advantages. The benefition of this thessis is the comprehention of the functionality of the AFC function and trying different settings of the AFC function.

Rott, Matěj
Design of experiment on process parameters for a combination of SLM and LMD technology

Present work deals with the problematics of combining two different technologies of Additive Manufacturing, Selective Laser Melting and Laser Metal Deposition, with an added benefit. Thorough research including description and comparison of said technologies is presented. The benefits of using Di...

Mandaus, Matyáš
Využití moderních materiálů v oblasti frézovacích nástrojů

The thesis contains a research of the latest cutting tools produced by leading manufacturers using MAM, composite materials and additive manufacturing. The practical part focused on the design, modification and manufacture of the cutting tool. The process from the development of...

Skála, Jan
Hodnocení kvality replikace miniaturních plastových částí s využitím aditivních technologií

The thesis is devoted to the design and production of a metal and plastic insert for a micro injection molding machine based on a scientific study. It describes the finding of the ideal injection parameters, the injection process itself and the evaluation of the replication&#x...

Půta, Tomáš
Racionalizační projekt rozšíření výroby z pohledu technologičnosti konstrukce

This diploma thesis deals with the comparison of production methods according to the design for manufacture. This concept is explained in the theoretical part. A detailed analysis is made in the practical part. By evaluating this analysis, the most suitable solution is chosen with&...

Bouše, Karel
Zvýšení intenzity chlazení nástrojů ze slinutého karbidu

The aim of this thesis was to produce a monolithic milling tool with a complex system of cooling channels for machining Inconel 718. First, the theoretical part mentioned the requirements for efficient machining of this material and then the special milling tools and cooling s...

Petrych, Vojtěch
Návrh a technologie výroby lunety pro obráběcí stroje

This diploma thesis concerns with production design of a bezel for a concrete CNC lathe and it includes the making of CNC programmes of production for all the parts of the lunette and its economical evaluation.

Veselý, Daniel
Možnosti snižování vnitřního napětí aditivně vyráběných kovových komponent

In the theoretical part the thesis deals with current technologies of additive manufacturing, primarily with metal production, analysis of advantages and disadvantages as well as basic procedural parameters. Secondly, internal tension of additively manufactured products is described including methods ...

Bibko, Adrián
Vliv výrobní technologie na životnost vybraných výrobních nástrojů

Diploma thesis is focused on the production technologies and their influence on the tool life. Thesis contains the design of the production technlogy and the production of tools. Furthermore, testing of the tool life and suggestions for further increase of the tool life are pe...

Malý, Tomáš
Progresivní technologie obrábění žárových nástřiků I.

This thesis is concerned with the study of the possibilities of acoustic emission and its use in the case of hot spray machining, specifically linear cutting edge machining.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 249