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Marcel, Radek
Podpora procesního řízení z pohledu kvality produktu

The present thesis deals with the topic of process management and its support in terms of product quality. It describes the structure and function of process management and methods for analyzing and modeling processes. Thesis deals with given methods, tools and techniques of proces...

Drudík, Ota
Ochrana prvků flexibilní a tištěné elektroniky na bázi Parylenu.

The master theses id divided into two parts. The first part is focused on the basic properties of barrier films, especially on Parylene. Barrier films will be compare in variations of applications with using single-layer organic or multilayer inorganic barriere films. The second pa...

Laštovička, Jakub
Návrh a realizace sestavy výrobní linky

The master thesis presents development of component from automotive industry. It is focused on technological processing, quality and saving. Main part is about designing a components, selecting the writing technology and data matrix. Then there is selection among suppliers and the best...

Pavec, Martin
Návrh a realizace všívaných elektrických prvků pro aplikace ve smart textiliích

The master theses presents the principles of design and realization of embroidered electrical components for applications in smart textiles. The aim of the theses is desing and implement an embroided antenna optimized for 886 MHz.

Strnad, Stanislav
Detekce přítomnosti osob na plošných textiliích

The Aim this diploma thesis is describe systems and principles suitable for detecting presence human on planar textile fabrics. It also deals with the selection of appropriate systems and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. The benefit is to design a system for detecting ...