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Recent Submissions

Svěcená, Veronika
Produkce emisí velkých energetických zdrojů v městě Plzni

This bachelor's thesis deals with the evaluation of emissions of large energy sources in the city of Pilsen. In the first theoretical part, the work deals with the use of air pollutants and potential users of existing technologies to reduce or eliminate them. Furthermore, ...

Kojzar, Lukáš
Energetické využívání pevné biomasy ve vztahu ke zdrojům na spalování uhlí

The presented bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using solid biomass in relation to fossil energy. The first part describes the biomass as such, ie its definition, types, conditions of its origin and its possible adjustments. It also discusses what options ...

Kubíček, Robert
Vizualizace data IoT

The thesis contains a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, this work deals with an introduction to the concept of IoT and related technologies. In this part, the communication chain of the connected device is also analyzed, where the emphasis is on t...

Handrejch, Jan
Vícekanálové měření teploty pro platformu KETCube

The submitted bachelor thesis in its introductory part shortly deals with measured values (temperature, humidity), followed by a relatively extensive description of the used technologies, KETCube platform and an overview of available components for the design and proposal of expansion boards....

Přibek, Petr
Návrh pohonu elektrické koloběžky

The bachelor thesis presents design of synchronous motor with permanent magnets (PMSM) with outer rotor. The motor is designed for scooter rear wheel assembly. In the bachelor thesis, there is a calculation for electromagnetic design of the machine, spare parameters and machine losses.&...