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Recent Submissions

Janda, Tomáš
Vliv použitých materiálů a parametrů šablonového tisku na jeho kvalitu

The bachelor thesis presented is focused on the issues of the stencil printing in the modern electronics industry. The theoretical part contains the basic principle and the analysis of the stencil printing and the defects. Several experiments were conducted in the experimental&#x...

Strejc, Matyáš
Výroba a testování flexibilních plošných spojů

This bachelor thesis is focused on flexible printed circuits, on their composition and on production technology. In the text there is a detailed overview of technical standards concerning not only the general requirements of flexible printed boards, but also static and dynamic mechanica...

Topinka, Vojtěch
Bezpečnost loT

This bachelor thesis deals with security issues in IoT systems. Its task is to inform about the risk of using these systems. The first chapter of this work deals with the concept of the Internet of Things. There are basic information about architecture, principle, today's&...

Hůla, Karel
Technologická řešení antén pro pásmo 2.4GHz - 2.5GHz

This bachelor thesis describes the technological solutions of antennas in frequency band 2,4 - 2,5 GHz. In the theoretical part is basic analysis of the band 2,4 - 2,5 GHz, the antennas parameters and types of antennas. The next part describes the design of selected types...

Radouchová, Michaela
Textilní senzory natažení

This bachelor thesis deals with textile sensors for smart textiles. It focuses on their construction, application and used materials. Various textile sensors are described in this work, textile strain sensors are described in more detail. A practical part with the measurement of their&#...