Katedra elektromechaniky a výkonové elektroniky / Department of Electromechanics and Power Electronics


Recent Submissions

Ledvina, Vlastimil
Vliv tvaru pole na ztráty v magnetickém obvodu PMSM

Iterative design of a synchronous machine with permanent magnets in a rotor was performer in this thesis. Rotor was designed with surface mounted magnets and then replaced with an equivalent rotor with "V" shaped magnets. FEM simulation was performer in order to&#...

Valter, Ondřej
Srovnání aktivních usměrňovačů

This diploma thesis is focused on active rectifiers used in power electronics. There are two types of active rectifiers, which use transistors as switching components. The first converter is called Smart Line Module. It works as a standard diode rectifier in the rectifier operation...

Macháček, Martin
Třífázová nabíječka baterií

Thesis describes the construction of a three-phase charger prototype for charging the e-formula traction battery. The thesis includes an introduction of the charger topology, a proposal of ideal parameters of the resonance circuit of the LLC converter, a description of the power circuit...

Rollinger, Ondřej
Tepelný a ventilační výpočet asynchronního trakčního motoru

The subject of this diploma thesis is calculation and analysis of temperature distribution in 100 kW asynchronous machine. The calculation is done by two methods. On the one hand, the method of the substitute heat network and on the other hand, the finite element method. ...

Sobotka, Lukáš
Vliv provozních parametrů na oteplení PMSM motoru

The master theses present the simulation of warming of a synchronous machine with a permanent magnet in term of his load. The Machine model based on the real motor with parameters: P=35kW, U=248V, n=9000ot/min, IM 3001, IP44, IC00. The first Chapter is dedicated to the&#x...