Katedra elektroenergetiky a ekologie / Department of Electric Power Engineering and Ecology


Recent Submissions

Šenkýř, Vojtěch
Realizace měřicího systému pro případovou studii rekuperační jednotky

The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the operation of the heat recovery unit WHISPER AIR, located in the room EK-319 at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Thesis is focused on both quality of indoor environment and consumption of ele...

Tóthová, Hana
Termovizní měření dynamických jevů v konstrukcích budovy

The master thesis is focused on thermographic measurement of the family house from straw and clay plaster and on the proposal of improvement of its heating and regulation of heating. The master thesis deals with the risk of condensation of water vapor on the surface of&#x...

Trojáček, Petr
Zhodnocení a optimalizace provozu FV elektrárny

This diploma thesis is focused on analysing of photovoltaic power plant in Daikin company and on its production of electric energy anteriorly. The practical content is preceded by theoretical information from the field of photovoltaics and its use. The main task of the thesis ...

Čejka, Jindřich
Studie malé vodní elektrárny na Berounce

This master thesis presents the study of small hydropower station at Berounka river in the location of Dolan mill. The object of this thesis is a treatment for reconstruction or modification of location of Dolan mill and making of an overall evaluation (energy, ecological and&...

Jungwirth, Jakub
Využití akumulačních prvků při provozu větrných elektráren

Master theses is focused on wind powerplants. Description of function this type of energy source. Working conditions. Possibilities of accumulation eletric power. Balance between production and consumption. Simulation of wind power plant and battery system.