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Svěcená, Veronika
Produkce emisí velkých energetických zdrojů v městě Plzni

This bachelor's thesis deals with the evaluation of emissions of large energy sources in the city of Pilsen. In the first theoretical part, the work deals with the use of air pollutants and potential users of existing technologies to reduce or eliminate them. Furthermore, ...

Kojzar, Lukáš
Energetické využívání pevné biomasy ve vztahu ke zdrojům na spalování uhlí

The presented bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using solid biomass in relation to fossil energy. The first part describes the biomass as such, ie its definition, types, conditions of its origin and its possible adjustments. It also discusses what options ...

Halavanava, Anastasiya
Technologie čištění spalin ze stacioárních zdrojů

This bachelor thesis is focused on flue gas cleaning from stationary sources. The gaseous pollutants and particles are listed according to the source and impacts on the environment and human health. In the work are represented the technologies used to clean flue gases of parti...

Jandačová, Alžběta
Likvidace odpadů v městě Plzni s využitím spalovny

The whole bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of waste management and disposal. The thesis consists of 4 main parts. The first part introduces readers to the issue and compares waste management within the EU. The second theoretical part describes the principles of operatio...

Hodanová, Tereza
Vývoj obnovitelných zdrojů energie

This Bachelor thesis is about development of renewable sources (RES) in the Czech Republic and in the world. In the first part of my thesis, I explain individual types of renewable sources, their functions´ description and their development to present time. The sekond part of&...

Baierová, Petra
Energetické využívání odpadů

This bachelor work deals with problems waste to energy. The first part describes what the current status waste to energy in the Czech Republic and abroad is. The next part mentions the legislation related to waste management and environmental protection. The third part is focu...

Morávková, Šárka
Senzory relativní vlhkosti

This bachelor thesis is focused on sensors of relative humidity. There are basic formulas and definitions that characterize the issue. Furthermore, the individual methods that are commonly used for measuring relative humidity are described in detail, as well as the instruments that are&...

Slováček, Adam
Interaktivní mapa obnovitelných zdrojů energie

The thesis presents creation od interactice map of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic. Included are a basic analysis of renewable energy sources, history, their technical specifications. Last section contains legislation.

Šmalcl, Michal
Bioplynová výrobna Agroplyn Mileč-Maňovice s.r.o.

The bachelor thesis deals with issue of biogas plants, division of applied technology, explanation of fermentation process, and utilization of biogas as the main product of the process. The next subject is an analysis of thermal energy usage, which has been produced by cogeneration...

Klose, Adam
Rozvoj obnovitelných zdrojů energie v Evropě

This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of renewable energy sources in Europe. The thesis is dividend into free main themis according to the nature of the renewable source. Each topic includes principles of functions, technical and natural conditions, including legislative elements&#...

Lihunová, Natálie
Malá zařízení na energetické využití směsného komunálního odpadu

Submitted bachelor work is focused on the energy using of municipal waste in Czech republic and European Union. In this bachelor work is mentioned hierarchy of loading with waste, technologic proces of municipal waste incineration plants. Differences between municipal waste incineration plan...

Randa, Stanislav
Životní cyklus (LCA) pevných biopaliv

This bachelor thesis deals with solid biofuels, their production and utilization in the Czech republic and the EU. Specifically, focusing on their resources, environmetnal and economic requirements for production and distribution, including a proposal for an optimal way of using life c...

Čejka, Jindřich
Obnovitelné zdroje energie ve světě

This Bachelor thesis is about renewable sources (RES) in the world. It explanes their functions, principles, compositions, current trends and examples of the world's largest facilities. The object of this thesis is a comprehensive overview about this renewable sources, theire types, func...

Holubová, Diana
Hodnocení účinnosti sběru využitelných složek domovního odpadu

In this bachelor thesis I deal with the topic of evaluation of the efficiency of collection of usable components of household waste.In the introduction, I focus on waste and the environment. The main aim of my work is to analyze the problems of use in the Czech ...

Švehla, Petr
Využití solární energie pro energetické účely

The aim of the bachelor thesis is analysis of topic solar power utilization for power purposes. The first chapter deals with the Sun and solar energy. The second chapter is focused on photovoltaic. The third chapter is about photothermic. The fourth chapter compares photovoltaic&#x...

Klášterková, Jana
Zhodnocení provozu bioplynové stanice Předslav

The bachelor thesis is focused on the specific biogas station. The text of the thesis is divided into five chapters. Bachelor thesis discribes the biogas station in the first part. It deals with the explanation of anaerobic digestion, the products associated with anaerobic digestio...

Folk, Václav
Využití potenciálu větrné energie

This bachelor thesis is focused on exploiting the potential of wind energy in the Czech Republic and other European countries. The effort is to create an overview that can serve as an introduction to this issue. The thesis is divided into three main parts in which th...

Šenkýř, Vojtěch
Hodnocení znečišťování ovzduší z uhelné teplárny v Klatovech

Goal of this thesis is to evaluate performance of meeting present emission limits valid to 31.12.2017 and new limits valid after 1.1.2018 from coal boiler K4 in Klatovy heating plant. Thesis also contain description of technologies used in the heating plant, basics of pollutants&#x...

Kozák, Josef
Možnosti akumulace elektrické energie

The master theses presents the difrent principles how store electrical energy with high priority for daily using.

Eisenhammer, Martin
Větrné elektrárny ve světě

The master theses presents the principles of the use of wind energy, the construction and layout of current wind power plants and the analysis of the evolution and development of wind power plants in the world.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 106