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Recent Submissions

Jestřábová, Lucie
Zavedení chovu Mérenských koní v Čechách a jejich dovoz z Francie

The thesis deals with the establishment of breeding of a foreign breed of horses in the Czech Republic. It summarizes the history of the breed and discusses the issues associated with the start of breeding and with the transport of horses from France to Bohemia. It p...

Havlíčková, Eliška
La terminologie médicale (Francouzská lékařská terminologie)

The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of enriching the French vocabulary by Latin in specialized medical terminology, whether by borrowing from foreign languages by deriving the existing words, or by combining the several words into the one lexical unit. This thesis deals...

Kollarčíková, Jana
Les peintres tchéques en France (Čeští malíři ve Francii)

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to provide a brief, well structured documentation of prominent Czech artists who left for France and, for some period of time, were active there. The first section of this thesis is devoted to the various reasons and purposes of the...

Mamykina, Yulia
La "Révolution étudiante" de 1968 et son influence sur la vie socio-politique et culturelle de la France.

In my bachelor's thesis, I wanted to introduce the reader to the events taking place in France in 1968 and the impact of these events on French society. One of the main goals of my research is to describe the complete atmosphere in which France was until&#x...

Boszczykova, Iva
Les difficultés d'emploi des prépositions temporelles (Obtíže při používání časových předložek)

The topic of my bachelor thesis is The difficulties in placing the prepositions of time in the French language . The aim of this work is to describe the time prepositions in French in detail and in the practical part to find out what difficulties students of Fre...