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Recent Submissions

Rašková, Michaela
Přístup seniorů k finanční krizi v roce 2023/24

At the beginning of 2023 the Czech Republic began to experience symptoms of the financial crisis, which were influenced by global and local factors. The cohort of seniors has been identified by the media and society as the vulnerable group that may be most affected by...

Trofymovych, Anna
Sociodemografický portrét cizinců v České republice

The diploma work focuses on the current topic of migration and the description of the foreigner in the Czech Republic. Migration in the Czech Republic is never ending and therefore it is important to know the characteristics of persons with the status of a national of...

Lederer, Vladimír
BANKSY, Diskurzivní repertoáry obsažené v díle streetartového umělce Banksy

This work deals with the analysis of the graffiti of the street art artist performing under the pseudonym Banksy. The aim of the work is to identify and describe the works that Banksy created in Ukraine in response to the war launched by the Russian Federation on...

Leščinská, Aneta
Proměna v pojetí religiozity v populaci odsouzených po přechodu do Otevřené věznice

Prisons represent a very specific environment in which prisoners are isolated from the outside world, causing them to experience various types of deprivation during their imprisonment. In order to alleviate these deprivations, they use various techniques and strategies that allow them to...

Zelinková, Zuzana
Vývoj francouzského jazyka (vybrané období) a jeho didaktizace v hodině francouzštiny jako jazyka cizího

This thesis entitled Evolution of French language and didactisation of the topic consists of two main parts - practical and theoretical. The theoretical part can be divided into four chapters. In addition to the introduction and preparation of the introductory lesson, the practical ...