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Dvořáková, Tereza
Struktury zamezující sekundárnímu vzdělávání sociálně vyloučených dívek.

The aim of this work is present why socially excluded girls are failed in studying at high school. I try to light up mechanism, which stopped successfully finished their education. One of the main reasons is dominant structures, which I mean family, educational institution and...

Vrbová, Viktorie
Skoky/Maria Stock als böhmisch-bayrischer Begegnungsort. Untersuchung schriftlicher und mündlicher Zeugnisse in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart

The main topic of this thesis is Bohemian-Bavarian meeting place Skoky. The target of this thesis is to study the written and oral evidence about history and culture in Skoky and to interduce this place to the public.

Morávková, Michaela
Cestovní ruch v západních Čechách a kultura českých Němců Fremdenverkehr und die sudetendeutsche Kultur in Westböhmen

The bachelor thesis should talk about the lives of czech germans in 40. years. There are historical texts. In thesis there will be describe culture clubs.

Wild, Dominik
Jazyk fotbalu: Jazyková analýza vybraných českých a německých webových stránek fotbalových klubů se zvláštním zřetelem k lexikálním odlišnostem.

This bachelor paper analysis and describes the language of football on the base of two selected sources - football web pages - especially from the point of view lexicology. The paper is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical one. The practical part describes the...

Tůmová, Veronika
Wahlkampftexte. Stilistische Analyse ausgewählter Texte.

This bachelor´s work is written in Germany language. Target of this work is analysis of vocabulary of election campagne to the Federal assembility 2013 and on the basic of choosen Texts describe and characterize the used means of language.