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Recent Submissions

Zvěřina, Vít
Obraz zářijových masakrů roku 1792 v západní historiografii

The rigorous thesis "Historiography of the September Massacres in 1792" represents a historiographic reflection of the September massacres, a crucial event which significantly influenced the course of the French Revolution. The rigorous thesis primarily focuses on analysing the western histo...

Straková, Monika
Příprava operace Anthropoid

The bachelor thesis deals with the preparation of Operation Anthropoid. The main aim of this thesis is to present the thorough preparation for the attack on the Acting Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich. The preparation for this action took place not only in Great Britain, but&...

Blažková, Lenka
Velká Británie a její postoj k Ženevskému protokolu

The aim of this undergraduate thesis is to highlight collective security in the 1920s, and how the UK contributed to this issue. The author's thesis focuses on mapping the events that supported the creation of the Geneva Protocol and the subsequent events that took place&#...

Plecitá, Lucie
Ženy v letu aneb fenomén aviatiky v Československu a v zahraničí v první třetině 20. století

The aim of the bachelor thesis is to introduce the reader to the pioneers of aviation in the first third of the 20th century. The careers of individual women aviators are presented in clear medallions. The thesis focuses on aviation in the first third of the 20th...

Foist, Ondřej
Indiánský kmen Čerokijů v první polovině 19. století

This thesis describe the history of the Cherokee tribe. Thesis contains the firs documented meetings of white man with Cherokee indians, thus their disputions with the european colonial powers. The next part of this thesis is written about modern democratic Cherokee Nation, its gra...