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Brodská, Petra
Odvolání podpisů pod Mnichovskou dohodou

The bachelor thesis is divided into six chapters and seven subchapters. The first chapter deals with the Munich Agreement itself. The second chapter is devoted to the short period of the so-called Second Republic. At this point, many state and political changes have occurred. ...

Blahota, Kryštof
Čínská občanská válka v letech 1946- 1949

To explore the changes and the problems in the whole conflict the text has been divided into three main chapters. The first chapter describes China from the end of the imperial regime to the end of the World War II. It describes the changes that occurred in Chin...

Pokoradiová, Marcela
Počátky impresionismu v Předlitavsku

The bachelor thesis will deal with the way in which the impressionist movement from France was spread into the western part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The thesis will focus mainly on the circumstances of transfer of a new conception of the artistic representation of rea...

Hudečková, Markéta
Vyhlazovací tábor Treblinka

The bachelor thesis will be focused on description of extermination camp Treblinka and life of prisoners. Other concentration camps in Poland will also be briefly mentioned and the very foundation of concentration and extermination camps. The work will be divided into chapters, in ...

Frolík, Jiří
Historie japonského komiksu a jeho vliv na moderní kulturu

This work focuses on the history of Japanese comics from the late 19th century to the year 1989. It starts with the old masters of traditional art and their experiments with the sequential art.After that it deals with the "first steps" of the comic book artists&...

Svoboda, Matěj
Politicko-ekonomický vývoj Čínské lidové republiky v 50. letech 20. století

The topic of this bachelor thesis is the Political-economic situation in the People's Republic of China in the 1950s. This period was characterized by several political and economic campaigns. All these actions were conducted by Mao Zedong. Leader of the Chinese Communist Party....

Novotný, Michal
Americká diplomacie a druhá berlínská krize roce 1961

This bachelor thesis deals with the American view of the second Berlin crisis, which took place in the divided German area in 1961. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is mainly the analysis of the attitude and progression of the then American President John Fitzgerald ...

Elgrová, Kateřina
Česká menšina v USA na přelomu 19. a 20. století

This bachelor thesis is dealing with Czech minority in USA at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. There is described in general the migration from Czech country to the new homeland. From the reasons which led the concerned individuals to abandon their fatherland, all&#...

Novák, Karel
Význam hlavních osobností českého původu v rámci Druhé vídeňské lékařské školy v období 1839-1871

The bachelor thesis is focused on the importance of personalities of Czech origin in the field of medicine within the Second Vienna School of Medicine of the period 1839 - 1871. The main goal of the thesis was to assess which was the role of the school in t...

Machková, Lenka
Invaze do Polska (Fall Weiss/Bílý plán)

The thesis will deal with the invasion of Poland, or the so-called White Plan, which stood at the beginning of World War II and which led to the occupation of part of Poland by German soldiers. The reasons, causes and pretext of invasion, plans of opposing parties&#x...

Hutta, Petr
Působení a zánik řádu templářů ve Francii

The main aim of this work is about the fall of the Templar order which can we date during (1307-1314). Their financial actions are also described, mainly in the French kingdom. The work is also describing the beginning of the order in the Holy land.

Krejcar, Matyáš
Počátky rasové segregace a rasové politiky v jižní Africe

this thesis describes the development in the area of South africa at the end of 19th and beginnng of 20th century from political, social and economic aspects. It satarts by describing afrikaner national revival movement as well as the statehood of afrikaner republics and their...

Kotva, Aleš
Příčiny a počátky Americké občanské války

The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyze the origins of the American Civil War. The work seeks to summarize development of the United States of America since the end of the American War of Independence. Following the development, work is mainly focusing on poli...

Chaloupka, Jan
Námořní střetnutí v průběhu bitvy o Guadalcanal

In first half of 1942, there were key battles in which Japanese suffers first significant Pacific war. United States takes the initiative and in early august captured strategic important island Guadalcanal in Solomon islands. During almost half year battle there were five ...

Šipla, Václav
Ofenzíva Tet, zlomový bod války ve Vietnamu

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the causes, course and consequences of the North Vietnamese Tet offensive. The attack was conducted against South Vietnam in order to reverse the stalemate in the war. From a military point of view, this was a catastrophic...

Machaloušová, Tereza
William Stukeley: osobnost a historický přínos

This bachelor thesis is about personality and life work of William Stukeley, an english antiquarian living in the 18th century. The work first describes Stukeley's private life and then it introduces his career. Next part of this thesis analyzes his particular interests and wor...

Vrba, Vít
Operace Overlord: vylodění spojeneckých sil na Omaze a Utahu

The aim of the bachelor thesis is to introduce and describe the course of Operation Overlord, which in many respects is considered a turning point in the Second World War. It was the largest amphibious operation in history. On June 6, 1944, a huge number of Allied&#x...

Dvořák, Jakub
Cesta do Valhaly. Mýtická síň severských božstev a její význam v životě vikingské společnosti raného středověku.

The introductory part of the bachelor thesis will be presented by Viking Society of the Early Middle Ages. The following chapter will describe Valhall himself, a mythical hall in which the gods and their warriors were waiting for the arrival of Ragnarök, symbolizing the ...

Benedikt, Štěpán
Česká imigrace do USA a starosta Chicaga Antonín Čermák

In this Bachelor thesis I chose as a topic process of immigration from Bohemia to the USA during 19th and the first half of 20th century. Main goal in the first part of my work, is to describe immigration from Bohemia in general and immigration process itself, e...

Havránek, Martin
Osud člověka v dějinách - Ladislav Karel Feierabend

The bachelor thesis entitled The Human Destiny in History - Ladislav Karel Feierabend deals with the life of the mentioned politic between years 1938-1948. At the beginning of the Second World War he became Minister of Agriculture in several governments. Much of the work is&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 272