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Recent Submissions

Štěrbová, Ilona
Metafora: porovnání tradičních a kognitivně-vědních pojetí

The aim of this diploma thesis is to present some of the philosophical conceptions of metaphor as well as the cognitive science conception and to evaluate, how will the philosophical approaches stand in the light of cognitive science approach. For the philosophical approach I ...

Wild, Dominik
Univerzální jazyk (Projekt univerzálního jazyka a jeho různé podoby v dějinách evropské vědy)

The thesis deals with the concepts of perfect and universal language, while analyzing two important concepts of universal language in the history of European science. The first concept is the one from Jan Amos Comenius, which also had a direct influence on the creation of ...

Želinová, Andrea
Vývoj utilitarismu a jeho vyústění ve filosofii Petera Singera

In my work I will try to describe the development of utilitarianism, where we can search for it the beginnings, to which directions the representatives of utilitarianism follow and so on. I will introduce the main thinkers of this direction and their ideas. Subsequently, ...

Picka, Jan
Profesionalizace renesanční literární kultury a alžbětinské poetické koncepty (např. Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, George Puttenham, Ben Jonson)

The main purpose of the diploma thesis The self-fashioning of Renaissance literary culture and poetry as a profession: Elizabethan Poetics (eg Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, George Puttenham, Ben Jonson) is the analysis of poetic theses of Philip Sidney and their subsequent implementation&#x...

Boháčová, Sandra
Dějiny premonstrátského řádu a jeho nejvýznamnější sídlo v České republice - Strahovský klášter

The qualification thesis deals with the Premonstratensian order, which also operates in our territory. The order is inextricably linked with its founder, St. Norbert, who was the first in church history who realized the idea of the Third Order, which means the connection of th...