Katedra politologie a mezinárodních vztahů / Department of Politics and International Relations


Recent Submissions

Khojamberdiyev, Aziz
Rozbor reakce evropských institucí na migrační krize roku 2015 z pohledu teorie mezinárodních vztahů

The European migration crisis of 2015 brought a massive influx of refugees and migrants to the European Union (EU), posing significant challenges to the EU's institutions. This bachelor's thesis aims to analyze how European institutions responded to the crisis and the specific m...

Kubal, Michael
Vakcinační politika EU

Considering the period in which the thesis was written, the main objective of the thesis was to analyse documents, both primary and secondary data. And on the basis of this analysis, to describe the EU vaccination policy and the activities related to it. In particular, th...

Šteflová, Kateřina
Aktuální problémy mezinárodních klimatických vyjednávání

Current climate negotiations at the international level are framed by historical injustices between the developed countries of the global North and the developing states of the global South. These inequities stem from the share of greenhouse gas emissions that humanity has been releasin...

Talianová, Adéla
Jak měřit úspěšnost sportovní diplomacie?

The title of this thesis is "How to measure the success of sports diplomacy?" Sports diplomacy is closely related to other theoretical concepts, i.e. soft power and public diplomacy, which will also be briefly introduced in the first part of this thesis. This will be...

Jedličková, Kristýna
Role médií v regionální politice Blízkého východu

This thesis is trying to summarize the role of social media during the Arab Spring. It is mainly focusing on Egypt and Bahrain. The chosen social media platform for this work are Facebook and Twitter, as those were primarily used during that time period.