Katedra politologie a mezinárodních vztahů / Department of Politics and International Relations


Recent Submissions

Paulová, Dominika
11.září 2001 v kontextu konspiračních teorií americké zahraniční politiky

The aim of this Bachelor's thesis is to define conspiracy theories and to write down which conspiracy theories about 9/11 exist. On that account, I will focus on the best-known theories of 9/11 that have begun to appear on websites or in many publications. Some&#...

Písecký, Patrik
Arménie jako geograficky znevýhodněný stát

This bachelor thesis is focused on Armenia and its geographical disadvantaged position. The thesis deals with how is geographical disadvantage of the country influencing its economic situation and how it affects Armenian foreign policy.It describes a process of economic and diplomatic relati...

Hait, Tomáš
Bezpečnostní a strategická spolupráce USA s arabskými státy v Perském zálivu

In this bachelor thesis, the student is dedicated to security and strategic cooperation between the United States of America and the Arabian Gulf States, from which the student is dedicated to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In the student's chosen research period&#x...

Šreková, Gabriela
Nevládní organizace jako partneři kanadské zahraniční politiky

Main aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze shaping of the relations between Canadian foreign policy and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) during periods of both - the liberal and conservative parties. By analyzing the literature in the first chapter I tried to find a ty...

Svobodová, Jiřina
Odkaz Mnichovské konference (1938) na současnou zahraniční politiku USA

The thesis shows the ways, how presidents of the United States justified their steps and actions in conection with army interventions. Also briefly shows the life of choosen presidents and their experiences. Next part is discription of conflict, in which they had to intervened....