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Recent Submissions

Čížková, Michaela
Radniční listy jako PR nástroj města či obce

The dissertation deals with the communication of the town hall with the citizens of the city on the background of the PR area. One of the important tools for this communication is the municipality newspapers. In the practical part of the work I deal with a case ...

Střesková, Anna Elizabeth
Volební kampaň ve volbách do Evropského parlamentu 2019

This thesis is focused on analysis of election campaign in European Parliament election which took place in May 2019. The election campaign is analyzed from the perspective of political marketing. Thesis is developed into two parts. The first part provides theoretical background of ...

Kurzyszová, Ester
Čeští kandidáti na europoslance v období 2004 - 2019

Representation in the European Parliament, the legislative body of the European Union, allows MEPs and, as a result, Czech citizens to participate in the international politics. However, Czech people have displayed a consistently indifferent attitude toward European Parliamentary elections. Voting...

Strašek, Jan
Vztah mezi ideologií a volbami: Analýza politických a volebních programů vybrané politické strany

The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of KDU-ČSL programs. In my work I analyze electoral programs from the year 1992 until 2017, in which I try to answer the question whether this party is based on the Christian-democratic ideology to which it claims. I used&...

Habib, Antonín
Vztahy USA a KLDR pohledem twitterového účtu Donalda Trumpa

This bachelor thesis is concerned with relations between United States of America and Democratic People's Republic of Korea, viewed through Twitter account of US. president Donald Trump. Social networking sites provide a unique oportunity of sharing one's view on a site with acc...