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Recent Submissions

Rubáš, Aleš
Utváření prostoru v kontextu dělnických ubytoven

The main aim of this diploma thesis is to provide the map and detailed description of the very creation of the urban space, especially in the context of two worksite accommodations in Pilsen (Czechia). This type of accommodation is generally perceived as one of the essent...

Vokurka, Jan
Náboženská skupina jako zdroj pocitu sounáležitosti

This work is concentrated to study of minor religious group based on christian faith. The Group builds on the frequent and personal contact between members and ensures a closer personal and friendly relationship between them. The subject of interest is the integration functions and...

Pavlíčková, Lucie
Partnerství a kvalita života

Marital status and education play an important role in the health of the individual. Married people are healthier and happier, live longer and suffer less frequently from mental illnesses than unmarried people. The level of achieved education also has a strong impact on the he...

Kebrlová, Anna
Rozpad rodiny v Chicagské sociologické škole a v současnosti

The Chicago School of Sociology is a school of thought in sociology that has been formed since the 1920s at the University of Chicago. Ernest R. Mowrer and William I. Thomas are among the most important authors who dealt with this phenomenon. These authors are important&#...

Škorvagová, Nikola
Genderová dělba práce v domácnosti

My thesis deals with the topic of gender division of housework. Many studies have pointed out that the traditional distribution of gender roles in the household still exists and traditional gender values associate housework and home care with women's role. This thesis maps the&...