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Recent Submissions

Tkáčová, Denisa
Životní strategie singles žijících ve městě a na venkově

The main aim of this diploma thesis was to focus on mapping the life strategies of people who are referred to as singles in relation to urban and rural space, assuming that these spaces are different and can offer different opportunities in the case of singlehood. Th...

Jarošová, Kateřina
Úsilí mladých lidí o ochranu životního prostředí

This diploma thesis focuses on young people and their efforts to protect the environment. Today, we can see the increase of young people fighting for environmental protection, primarily through the environmental movements and organisations. The aim of the work was to find out ...

Freiová, Kateřina
Profesionalizace v sociální práci jako součást životní dráhy jedince

This thesis is focused on a professionalization in social work in the context of the theory of life course and on the perception of social work and its professionalization from the own view of social workers. Their experience and their own view of the professionalization ...

Truhlářová, Kateřina
(Re)konstrukce autentického prožitku při turistických cestách v přírodě

This thesis seeks to (re)construct and (re)conceptualize existentially authentic experiences, both in general, and from the perspective of individual respondents. The work is theoretically grounded in the sociology of modern tourism. My position is ambivalent towards modernity, which has effaced ...

Červená, Klára
Bilingvní děti a česká identita

As a result of migration, bilingual families arise, not just in the Czech Republic. In this work, I will deal with (i)migrants from Vietnam, including their children, who live in the territory of the Czech Republic. Underlying the concept of bilingualism is an individual's ...