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Recent Submissions

Pellerová, Aneta
Numismatické nálezy 10. - 13. století v západních Čechách

The bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of numismatic findings (denar, bracteate and pfennig coin minting) in western Bohemia. An updated inventory was compiled as a means of addressing issues related to the role of coin expansion in exchange and market relations, contact stu...

Kroupa, Tomáš
Historické cesty v oblasti severozápadních Brd

This thesis focuses on the indication and documentation of historical roads in the northwestern area of the Brdy Mountains using non-desctructive archaeological methods, especially LIDAR prospection, and historical maps. It describes the process of verification of the indicated objects in two...

Švehla, Jiří
Možnosti interpretace movitých a nemovitých artefaktů z pohledu archeoastronomie

The main aim of the thesis is to present archaeoastronomy to potencional reader. Every chapter discusses some basic aspect, with whom archaeoastronomy works. These aspects are result of historical development, which is presented in the text. Social role of celestial phenomena, beyond th...

Hanáková, Klára
Hrad a Krajina

The bachelor thesis deals with the creation of the documentation of the castle in Kraslice, its probable form in the last construction phase and its role in the region. Within the thesis are solved the issues of colonization wave in the 12th, rather 13th century, probable...

Lungová, Veronika
Sociální a prostorové aspekty novověkých pohřebišť

The subject of this thesis is the evaluation of the burial rite in the modern age (late 15th - 1st half of the 20th century), with emphasis on the burials of juveniles. Attention is focused mainly on the spatial location of graves in modern age churchyards with...