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Recent Submissions

Velichová, Markéta
Analysis of Jan Špilar company included technical glossary.

Bachelor's thesis deals with business studies. The Bachelor's thesis is structured into capitols. The author deals with the topic of freshwater aquaculture which is related to the field of business of Jan Špilar. It includes statements about freshwater aquaculture history, market and...

Matějková, Kateřina
Stressful Situations and Workload Among University Students

These days, a person is more and more exposed to civilization influences. These influences are not always positive, but very often interfere with the psychic and physical balance of the organism. One of the negative effects is stress. Stress research has significantly developed ove...

Költöová, Eliška
Translation from the field of gastronomy with a commentary and a glossary

This bachelor thesis deals with the translation of selected texts related to French gastronomy. The aim of this thesis is to describe the theory of translation and its basics and then to apply it into practice by translation of the chosen texts - two written i...

Zikudová, Tereza
Translation of Texts Dealing with Aviation, with a Commentary and a Glossary

The main goal of this bachelor thesis is the translation of two text dealing with the subject of aviation. The thesis is composed of two main parts the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part briefly describes what translation means, gives a&...

Štěrbová, Ilona
Word-formation processes with focus on the Internet communication

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to provide an outline of types of word formation processes, which enable the creation of new words and to illustrate the range of patterns that exists. Moreover, it deals with the specific linguistic features and phenomena which appear i...