Katedra anglického jazyka a literatury / Department of English language and literature


Recent Submissions

Štolfa, Michal
Translation of selected texts from the field of social sciences from English into Czech with a commentary

The main aim of this bachelor thesis is an adequate and high-quality translation of the text from the field of social sciences. As the concrete social science psychology occurs there. The aim of the work is also a commentary on the translated text and its analysis. T...

Žaludová, Kristýna
Překlad textů týkajících se anglické sociální historie s komentářem a glosářem

The purpose of my bachelor thesis was to translate a text from the field of English social history, to create a commentary and a glossary. I chose a chapter from the book "We danced all night", which describes the life of the British royal family in the...

Šarvašová, Marie
Food Waste Prevention in Restaurants and Households in a Global and Czech Perspective

The Bachelor's thesis examines food waste from a global and Czech issue. The main goal was to find out what is the opinion of Czech restaurants about food waste. It means how they treat this kind of waste, how they handle the management of purchasing food and...

Šteflová, Eliška
Translation of Texts Dealing with Human Geography, with a Commentary and a Glossary

The purpose of the Bachelor's thesis is the translation of an English text dealing with human geography with an in-depth commentary and a complementary glossary. This thesis is divided into four main sections. It starts with a theoretical part that provides an...

Vybíralová, Tereza
Popular Music in America: The Past and the Present

The goal of my bachelor thesis was to document the development of popular music in America, including a brief description of the main musical genres and their representatives. Furthermore, my task was to recognize the main differences between popular music in the past and in&#...