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Recent Submissions

Durcová, Jana
Vybrané kresťanské minority súčasnej Alexandrie

This bachelor thesis deals with selected Christians minorities in Middle East and North Africa with emphasis on selected Christians minorities of contemporary Alexandria - Coptic Church, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa, Latin Catholic Church and Greek Melkite Catholic...

Winter, Karel
Mohammad Mosaddeq a znárodnnění íránského ropného průmyslu.

This bachelor's thesis deals with the nationalization of most of the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company operating the Iranian oil industry, which took place in 1953. The work deals with both the causes and consequences of nationalization. At the same time the work pays att...

Rácz, Erik
Chajalim bodedim - vojáci bez rodinného zázemí v Izraelských obranných silách

The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to make term Lone Soldier more visible within a Czech society. It was hitherto unknown term in the Czech Republic. The definition of a Lone Soldier is a man or woman in the Israel Defense Forces without immediate family i...

Knapová, Marie
Doňa Gracia Mendes Nasi

This bachelor thesis is focused on documenting the life of the medieval businesswoman Dona Gracia Nasi / Mendes, her close family circle and the activities of the Mendes business in the context of world trade and its resistance to the Spanish, Portuguese and papal inquisi...

Žižková, Kateřina
Halab - historie a současný význam severosyrské metropole.

The bachelor's thesis deals with the French mandate in Halab, its origin, administrative and political changes introduced by the French mandate administration. It also includes the uprising against France, the establishment of the republic in 1936 and independence. The work also provides...