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Recent Submissions

Krejčová, Lucie

This thesis is written about the history of Byblos from its beginnings to the Hellenistic period - detailed description of the defined period, business relationships, and the domination of neighboring states. The thesis also deals with archaeological excavations in this locality and wit...

Križan, Tomáš
Vzdelávanie sýrskych utečeneckých detí v Turecku

This bachelor thesis is about syrian refugee children in Turkey, about their education in temporary educational centre in Karaman and state secondary school in Istanbul.

Janže, Andrea
Nizár Qabbání a jeho vliv na moderní arabskou poezii

The aim of this thesis is to acquaint readers with the life and work of one of the most important poets of the 20th century. Nizar Qabbani is one of the first poets of modern poetry to address women's issues and their position, to advocate women's emancipatio...

Sopková, Tereza
Egyptské střední vrstvy v Káhiře v literárním díle Nagíba Mahfúze.

The bachelor thesis gives a brief but comprehensive view of the life of Naguib Mahfouz and his literary work with a focus on the period in which he wrote the novel Scandal in Cairo. It is the so-called social stage of his work. In the following part of the&...

Beneš, Filip
Historické kořeny současné dezintegrace Libye.

The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of internal factors on the current disintegration of the Libyan state. In several chapters, the most important selected factors are analyzed due to their frequent occurrence in the professional literature. At the end of the thesis, there...