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Recent Submissions

Burešová, Terezie
Analyse de la coopération éducative franco-tcheque : l'exemple du programme de mobilité: Un an en France 

The presented work deals with various types of cooperation between France and the Czech Republic. Above all, it focuses on cooperation in education at the secondary school level. The work also describes the complete course of the educational program "One year in France", ...

Jestřábová, Lucie
Zavedení chovu Mérenských koní v Čechách a jejich dovoz z Francie

The thesis deals with the establishment of breeding of a foreign breed of horses in the Czech Republic. It summarizes the history of the breed and discusses the issues associated with the start of breeding and with the transport of horses from France to Bohemia. It p...

Grégrová, Julie
Les liens historiques politiques entre la France et la République tcheque

My bachelor thesis covers the period from 1867 to the present. It describes the first journey of Czech politicians in France and the acquaintances they have encountered. It also deals with the First Republic and M.R. Stephanik, who earned the creation of Czechoslovakia. The wo...

Kotrčová, Veronika
L´histoire et l´actualité de la Picardie de son agriculture et son industrie

The main topic of this bachelor thesis is French historical region Picardy with an emphasis on its industry and agriculture. The thesis is introduced by theoretical chapter that is focused on historical development of the region and on its basic characteristics. After the introduct...

Boszczykova, Iva
Les difficultés d'emploi des prépositions temporelles (Obtíže při používání časových předložek)

The topic of my bachelor thesis is The difficulties in placing the prepositions of time in the French language . The aim of this work is to describe the time prepositions in French in detail and in the practical part to find out what difficulties students of Fre...