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Recent Submissions

Plokhova, Yana
Třídění potravinového odpadu v českých restauracích

This bachelor's thesis concerns the problematics of sorting food waste in Czech restaurants. The work focuses not only on looking into the methods of restaurant personnel regarding leftover food but also on informing the reader about the procedure for preventing the cre...

Fojtíková, Dominika
Socialismus jako kulturní typ. Proměny a kontinuita reálně socialistické každodennosti

The aim of this bachelor thesis is a reflection of selected cultural patterns and habits, which can be expected to show a certain relation to the epoch of the real socialism of the Czech or Slovak type. The thesis deals with the analysis of individual features of...

Rosenbaumová, Anežka
Mezolit v Súdánu.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to carry out a literature search on the topic of subsistence strategies of the epipaleolithic and mesolithic of the Northeast Africa so that this work can be subsequently used for reconstruction of the workload of the Sabaloka population.

Zagarová, Zuzana
Interkulturní mediace a její použití v praxi českých neziskových organizací

The aim of the thesis is to search for motivation behind the decision to become an intercultural worker using the life course theory. These workers experienced themselves the path of a migrant encountering new cultural environment and therefore they are now well qualified for ...

Krejčová, Vendula
Změny porodnosti během neolitické demografické tranzice: relativní metabolická zátěž kojení

In my thesis I focused on how birth rates of women were affected or changed during the neolithic demographic transition and what factors caused an icreased birth rate during the neolithic period. I have found a literature research that there are several factors which&#x...