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Šlaichová, Dana
Zaniklá obec Skoky v kolektivní paměti generací

The aim of the thesis is, based on ethnographic research, the exploration of the collective memory of space and space, on the example of the defunct pilgrimage village Skoky. This will be achieved through interviews with witnesses and archive research. The basic research question&#...

Šimková, Eva
"Mužská a ženská práce, odlišný pohled na mužství a ženství v automobilovém průmyslu".

The diploma thesis deals with "male / female" work, specifically with differences in its perception. The aim of this diploma thesis is to resolve awareness of the work divided in terms of gender in the automotive industry, as a prototype scene, which is evaluated...

Pergl, David
Bělorusko a běloruská identita ve středoevropském kontextu

The main goal of this diploma thesis is to better understand and reveal the form of current national identity discourses in Belarus through its own ethnographic research and with the help of narrative biographical interviews. At the same time, I focus on the ways in which...

Pešková, Markéta
Rekonstrukce míry zátěže mezolitické populace z lokality Sabaloka v kontextu subsistenční strategie

This thesis aims to create a reconstruction of the mesolithic Sabaloka site mobility and activity patterns using long bone cross-sectional analysis. The results of this study are evaluated in the context of subsistence strategy. A section of this work is dedicated to creating a...

Pištěláková, Dana
Gender před tabulí, vytváření genderové identity u žáků základní školy

In this diploma thesis I observed the creation of gender differences in the pupils of the Primary School Planá. Specifically, I focused on examining the differences in the creation of gender identity between pupils of primary school, which they acquire through education and sociali...

Vopičková, Daniela
Příbuzenství v transnacionálním kontextu u rumunských Čechů

This diploma thesis is about kinship in the transnational context of Romanian Czechs and reemigrants from Romania. Relationships formed in Romania differ in their structure and are based on a broader family concept. The aim of this work is to understand the concept of family&#...

Chytková, Kristýna
Srovnání úspěšnosti odhadu pohlaví podle sakroiliakálního a ischiopubického segmentu pánevní kosti

The os coxae is morphologically formed by two separate parts: sacroiliac and ischiopubic segment. The morphology of the sacroiliac segment reflects evolutionary adaptation to bipedal locomotion and an upright posture. The morphology of the ischiopubic segment reflects adaptation of female pelvis&...

Novotný, Jakub
Rekonstrukce míry zátěže ve vztahu k předpokládanému statusu bojovníků u souboru z Teplé - analýza úponových změn na kostře.

The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of tendon attachment changes, thanks to which it is possible to reconstruct the level of physical activity load in past populations. A set of individuals discovered during archaeological research in the Teplá Monastery was selected for ana...

Vokounová, Simona
Role aplikované antropologie v neziskovém sektoru na příkladu vybrané organizace.

This thesis focuses on the subjective view, perception and ideas of employees of selected nongovernmental organizations (NGO's) in Pilsen who have studied social and cultural anthropology. This field of study brought them an anthropological background and my intention is to find out ...

Luková, Andrea
Trámčitá kostní tkáň kostí zápěstí u primátů

This master thesis aims at questions related to the evolution of wrist bones, specifically whether reflect how the hand was used during the life of an individual and of the whole species. The central theme is the trabecular structure of the capitate, lunate, and scaphoid. ...

Křivanec, Václav
Diamant nad zlato: víra v byznys a spiritualita pozitivního myšlení českých podnikatelů v síťovém marketingu

The aim of this work is to collect and subsequently interpret the data relevant for the value system of people running the so-called network marketing through ethnographic research. We will especially focus on the practices, strategies and ways in which these people achieve success...

Mendlová, Barbora
Analýza sociální situace marginalizované populace perspektivou kritické kriminologie a teorie sociální újmy

The thesis deals with social harm caused to marginalised population by state welfare system. Methodological base is ethnographic fieldework among clients of instutions which provide social welfare. The social situation of actors is viuwed by the means of social harm theory.

Kocanová, Ludmila
Proces komodifikace v cosplay komunitě

This thesis is dedicated to the influence of the market system on the cosplay community. Cosplay, composited of words costumes and play, is a hobby that is based on the creation of costumes and propriet of various characters based on the artwork (book, game, film, series)...

Jaklová, Nikola
Kulturistika jako životní styl: Utváření identity a životního stylu v rámci sportu

This empirical work included both the use of specialized literature, as well as qualitative research which lasted several months. The form of the research done was "participated observation" and half-structured interviews with amateur male and female bodybuilders. This thesis focuses on...

Žitková, Karolína
Mobilita a prostorové strategie vyloučené mládeže ve veřejném prostoru zaměřené na trávení volného času.

The majority of socially excluded families live in Pilsen's city centre. On a daily basis, the youth growing up there are exposed to the impacts of social exclusion, stigmatisation, and through social control they are being ostracised across the city's space. By means of&#x...

Nováková, Kateřina
Nové Sedlo: Přeměna socialistického prostoru v postsocialismu

My thesis concentrates on time and space factors of life in Nové Sedlo, which located in the Karlovy Vary region near Sokolov. Nové Sedlo is characterised of his immediate proximity to browncoal mine and glass factory. Right the industry has influenced the city, from the ...

Ovský, Přemysl
Václav Marek a jeho význam pro československou etnografii

This work presents a comprehensive picture of Marek´s life´s work in the context of the Czechoslovak exotic ethnography and European ethnology. The first part of this work represents Marek´s biography including his professional publishing work. The second part represents the overview of ...

Starhon, René
Světští aneb lidé nejen z maringotek

The theme of the thesis is a social group of nomadic people, who are considered to be a specific population characterized by an itinerant way of life, connected to certain professions, linguistic and cultural practices, traditions, and values.

Kuncová, Sára
Odhad délky ruky z kostí ruky anatomickou metodou

The aim of this thesis is estimation of hand length from hand bones using the anatomical method. We measured hand length and hand bones from x-rays. The analysis is based on 100 radiographs of women's and men's hands from recent population in the Czech republic, P...

Matuštíková, Anna
Transformace prostoru v blízkosti vojenského újezdu Hradiště v období postsocialismu

The thesis deals with the complex process of optimization of the military area of Hradiště from the point of view of anthropology of space. It focuses on the terrain of the newly established municipalities and on the process of the process by the interested stakeholders. ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 186