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Krejčová, Vendula
Inkluze romských dětí do společnosti pomocí mimoškolních aktivit

The bachelor's thesis is focused on the inclusion of Roma children into the majority society with the help of low-threshold facilities for children and youth. The aim of the work was to find out, on the basis of qualitative research, specifically the technique of semi-stru...

Kolomazníková, Barbora
Problematika romských rodin v kontextu gentrifikace pražské čtvrti Smíchov

Main goal of the bachelor thesis is to asses lives of Gypsy families from Prague district Smíchov, specifically at Plzeňská street, in relation to gentrification phenomenon. Gypsies have lived here for several generations and currently are in a difficult situation, with gentrification h...

Bláhová, Andrea
Reprezentace genderu a nerovnost na hudební scéně v České republice

The main topic of this bachelor's thesis is the perception of the position of female performers on the Czech music scene, specifically whether they face male dominance, objectification and gender stereotypes in this environment. In the theoretical part of the thesis, I present ...

Hryb, Yauheniya
Film v kontextu sovětské a postsovětské etnografie

The purpose of this work was to analyse selected films by elaborated methods within a context of development of ethnographical filmmaking in the Soviet Union and modern Russia. These films were chosen according to criteria of their ethnographic character and engaging form of presen...

Malík, Robert
Migrace a reemigrace z romské osady do Velké Británie.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe and analyze the migration and re-emigration of the inhabitants of the Slovak Roma settlement of Letanovce to Great Britain and back. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the first one, I describe&...

Jiskra, Petr
Produkce a transgrese veřejného prostoru v Plzni

The aim of this bachelor ´s thesis is to seek to understand the ways in which public space is produced as a normative category of liberal-democratic society. I assume that it is through the production and transgression (disruption) of public space that the basic aspects o...

Pipotová, Libuše
Konstrukce feminity a maskulinity mezi zaměstnanci ve firemním prostředí

The main topic of this bachelor's thesis is to analyze how femininity and masculinity are formed and manifested in the environment of large companies. The work tries to grasp the corporate environment as an institution that has an impact on the behavior, actions and repres...

Hošková, Jolana Anna
Mateřství v sociálně vyloučených lokalitách

This Bachelor thesis is focused on teenage pregnancy among women with low socioeconomic status. It discusses the factors that affects this phenomenon, that does not copy the discourse about motherhood through the lens of dominant society and thus make these women marginalized. It a...

Veli tahiri, Ardiana
Jména, příjmení a pojmenování albánské enklávy v Makedonii

This thesis deals with the surname, name and naming by Albanians in Macedonia. The system, practice of naming, and types of names in use of Albanian minority in Macedonia is explained in detail. The described practice is continually compared with the practice of other groups&#...

Benešová, Kateřina
Subkultura hip hopu

This Bachelor thesis is focused on the Czech hip hop scene. It considers the evolution of the subcultural studies in social sciences and describes the development of hip hop scene. The empirical part is focused on the main topics of Czech rap since the 90s until toda...

Kantová, Lucie
Česko-německé vztahy v aktuální perspektivě: oživení zaniklé obce Königsmühle

The thesis deals with czech-german relations at the Königsmühle festival. It focuses on the transformation of the locality and the use of the concept of national identity from the perspective of festival visitors.

Trkovská, Barbora
Téma: Inkluze ve školství

The aim of the thesis is to analyze the concept of inclusion in school. Inclusion in school is the integration of disabled and excluded children into a common school collective. The thesis looks at inclusion in two ways. First, it explores what inclusion is and cont...

Dubšíková, Veronika
Skupiny historického šermu a jejich folklor

This bachelor thesis deals with collective elements of a contemporary subculture of historical fencing groups in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part is focused on the historical development fencing in the world and in the Czech Republic. Described within are the typical types...

Rosenbaumová, Anežka
Mezolit v Súdánu.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to carry out a literature search on the topic of subsistence strategies of the epipaleolithic and mesolithic of the Northeast Africa so that this work can be subsequently used for reconstruction of the workload of the Sabaloka population.

Plokhova, Yana
Třídění potravinového odpadu v českých restauracích

This bachelor's thesis concerns the problematics of sorting food waste in Czech restaurants. The work focuses not only on looking into the methods of restaurant personnel regarding leftover food but also on informing the reader about the procedure for preventing the cre...

Fojtíková, Dominika
Socialismus jako kulturní typ. Proměny a kontinuita reálně socialistické každodennosti

The aim of this bachelor thesis is a reflection of selected cultural patterns and habits, which can be expected to show a certain relation to the epoch of the real socialism of the Czech or Slovak type. The thesis deals with the analysis of individual features of...

Šimicová, Lenka
Performance genderové diference osob s fyzickým postižením

This bachelor thesis deals with the way in which people with physical disability experience their daily lives. My research is focused on naturally emerging anthropological themes such as embodiment, gender, bodily difference, otherness and ways of communicating with the able-bodied majority. ...

Zagarová, Zuzana
Interkulturní mediace a její použití v praxi českých neziskových organizací

The aim of the thesis is to search for motivation behind the decision to become an intercultural worker using the life course theory. These workers experienced themselves the path of a migrant encountering new cultural environment and therefore they are now well qualified for ...

Dundálková, Kamila
Historie a původ antivakcinačního hnutí

This bachelor's thesis focuses on sense, beneficial effect also on origin and history of an anti-vaccination movements. The work mainly describes history of vaccination and sense of vaccination in eradication of infectious diseases. The work summarizes arguments of agreement and disagreement&...

Žižková, Andrea
Umělá mumifikace v době bronzové na území dnešní Velké Británie

This bachelor thesis deals with the possibility of occurrence of artificial mummification on the British Isles in the Late Bronze Age. The thesis is based on a finding made at the Cladh Hallan site on South Uist Island (Outer Hebrides). There were uncovered three roundhouses&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 371